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RFID Chips & Modern ‘Share-Cropping’

global dairy cow

Here we have one of the most productive and faithful American communities anywhere, the Amish, and they are being confronted with a hideous choice. The offer is to succumb to the Mark of the Beast, the RFID Chips, or turn their farms over for ‘modern share-cropping!’

Amish dairy farmers had invested their savings and labor into their farms and cattle in order to ensure that everything was organic, especially since the non-organic milk is dangerous to humans, and also because the demand for farm-fresh, organic and pure dairy products is growing in demand.

Make no mistake, it is an extremely expensive operation to change from former practices, clean up property from all pesticides, hormones and contaminants, and to ensure that any equipment that may be used for or in contact with the milk be free of any chemicals that may leech into the milk. It was, however, an investment worth making in the minds of the Amish.

Within months of the final transformation, where organic milk was being produced in normal, not hyper, quantities, the government had a change of heart. Thanks to the ‘voluntary’ NAIS program, all animals, including those belonging to the Amish organic dairy farmers, were forced to be chipped, or the product would never make the market!

This was a hideous turn of events, and strenuously objected to by the Amish, all to no avail. The organic milk distribution company interceded for a short time, attempting to find some way around the new regulations.

There was no flexibility at all on the part of the government, despite the fact that (for lots of constitutional reasons) radio chipping animals or humans is an absolute no-go for the Amish (and Christian) religion, for any reason.

At this time the only remaining options for these Amish farmers are 1. Getting out of the business of animal husbandry altogether. This would necessarily include the horses they rely on for transportation and farm work. 2. Share-cropping their own property, by turning the ownership of the animals over to the distributor, having RFID chipped animals on their property, and being ‘permitted’ to take a payment from the milk production for the use of the land. This would not save their horses from being chipped, and the Amish would still have chipped animals on their land. 3. Emmigrate from America to another land who has no intention of requiring RFID chips.

NAIS/RFID chips are part of Homeland Security Administration projects, that require high tech monitoring of all animal movements, including Amish horses, through chipping. The excuses of the government for such intrusive measures are all the buzzwords you’ve heard- protection from chemical/biological attacks, public health measures to protect us from unsafe food products (which has ALWAYS been a threat with Amish food, hasn’t it???) and for control of animal disease.

The fact that the programs accomplish none of these objectives, and the ‘solutions’ offered by these programs are a vast overkill of the reality of the problems we’ve actually had, and that all they actually manage to do is destroy fine and hardworking American’s lives, all has no impact of any kind on the decision making tyranny of government gone wild.

My fear is that very soon Amish communities in America will be a thing OF the past, not just ones that LIVE in the past.

A real tragedy for us all. God help us!


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