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RFID Chips? That’s SO 2008!



They’ve just finished denying that RFID chips are real, and now we discover that that little bit of technology is, well, obsolete.

Well, my fellow Americans, you SUBSPECIES you, let’s begin to grapple with REALITY, shall we?

Moo moo, you Terran herds. The ‘artillects’ are here, with implantable nanoteched brain chips, cyborgs ready for global slaughter, encouraging mothers to kill their babies’ humanity for snob appeal. Its the fashionable thing to do, or you won’t have a ‘baby Einstein.’ Like the aborted unborn, you can expect all the compassion that was shown for the animal that provided your steak last night.

HERE is the reason they want mass approval for embryonic stem cell research. They admit they don’t need the stem cells from the embryos- there are way more than they can use just in umbilical cord blood. They need and WANT the EMBRYOS themselves, to generate cyborgs even before birth. They need them as ‘spare parts farms’ to sustain their new found ‘immortality’.

Neo was SUCH a party pooper, wasn’t he?


  Tammy wrote @

terrifying truth, wonder what they will do when us subhumans refuse this stuff. I’ve often wondered how long (if they arent doing it already) before they implant newborns without parent knowledge.

  matt vega wrote @

Just because so called experts with authoritative sounding British accents say people want this , or that it is going to happen , doesn’t make it so .The narrator hits the nail on the head again and again , this is bullsh@t . If anyone wants this so called upgrade , have at it . There will always be those who seek escape from reality , and they are welcome to give it their best shot . Technology isn’t about making life easier or improving the quality thereof , it’s about one thing…profit . I think I’m going Amish…those people got it right.

  pasi arasola wrote @

In Europe we didn’t want RFID chips, they put them in our passports, which we did want.
Finally there will be choices to be made, and sacrifices, to avoid this BS. Amish seems a good choice…

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