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Fascism#7: Killing Hope for America

jfk jr

Let’s consider tactic #7 of bringing fascism to a democracy. It isn’t pretty.

One of my earliest memories as a very small child was the assassination of President Kennedy. We were at school, (first grade), and watching the President on tv. When he was killed, ALL the lights went out in the school, the children were silently sitting at their desks, and the teachers and administrators collapsed at their desks, in their offices, and wept bitterly. When we left school, the bus drivers were weeping, ALL of the businesses were closed, and we came home to very upset people. The grief was like a ‘shot through the heart’ of the entire country and the way the First Lady handled everything with a divine grace imprinted the event on souls everywhere.

It was a trauma the heart of the entire country shared. If you weren’t there, you need to understand that it was a TRAUMA for the ENTIRE COUNTRY. It was a collective horror and in every corner of America we were all grief stricken. It was absolutely terrible. The effect was a permanent one, too. While life went on, as it always does, there was a permanent SCAR on our collective heart.  JFK was beloved- he and his family.

Yet, when the grieving and sadness was all said and done and coped with, there was STILL hope. There was still Bobby.

That day came when Jacqueline said “They’re KILLING KENNEDYS!” and she went and married the only man who was wealthy enough to provide the kind of security that would see her children grow up and survive.

Nobody knew who ‘they’ were, but we knew she was right.

Often I’ve wondered what our country would be if we had been able to LIVE the hope we had in those two young men.

Finally, still, there was (perhaps, maybe… probably-not-but-hopefully) John.

REAL hope died in America the day he was lost. It was almost dead before then, but there was a tiny flicker. Of course, no longer. There was no investigation, no justice, nothing. But, we KNOW. There didn’t NEED to be an investigation for us to KNOW.

Does hope spring eternal? If there is a God, it MUST.

Now we have hope for America in a new way. Ron Paul has ignited that hope in the tinderbox of hearts in America, in a way DIFFERENT than the Kennedys. Ron Paul is important to us, yes, very important. The HOPE doesn’t reside in Ron Paul, but in the institutions and heritage that also inspired the Kennedys and informed their education and thinking.

We’ve grown up now. Are we grown up ENOUGH to FACE SOME FACTS? Kennedy got a look into the soul of his enemies and saw they were intent on global destruction: “A collective death-wish for the world.”

Let’s ask, with Jackie Kennedy, WHO ARE THEY WHO ARE KILLING KENNEDYS? WHO ARE THEY THAT *STILL* KILL AMERICA’S HOPE? Unless we answer this question, we will always face the worst, and we will always get the worst. Until we face the facts, each time light dawns for us, that will be killed off.

The nest of snakes is STILL fully operational and the goals haven’t changed. What is so hard to accept is how cold these people are, how there is NO FEELING at all for the country and the people who have made them ‘great.’

Take 45 minutes and face facts, learn to name names, learn what they REALLY think of us. Ignore what you’ve been told before and see this through. We cannot take our country back unless we are PREPARED to do so. This will take guts. Be warned. Watch it ALL.

Killing hope #1 Killing hope #2 Killing hope #3 Killing hope #4 Killing hope #5 Killing hope #6 Killing hope #7 Killing hope #8 Killing hope #9 Killing hope #10.

If you watch the entire thing, and I ask you to please do so, I want to hear your comments. God bless.


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