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The Amish NEED Ron Paul to Survive

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The Amish are overlooked in this very critical election, and it is clear to everyone that knows them that their very lifestyle is being destroyed. The fact that all of the candidates can stand by and watch, without concern, as a totally American subculture is being crushed out of existence by over-regulation and unconstitutional measures is unconscionable.

The Department of Homeland Security, the FDA, the USDA, all in their overzealous bureaucratic nightmares, and in their laziness going after the lowest hanging fruit first, have descended on the Amish communities in their thousands with their petty regulations and ‘official government speak’ and are decimating that whole race of Americans.

While the Amish have never been a danger to anyone in any way, now these departments are declaring the Amish a danger requiring extreme measures of RFID Chipping programs, agricultural dictatorship, threats of property seizures and high fines for non-cooperation with unconstitutional laws, and demanding violations of their religious freedoms in order for them to comply.

Only Ron Paul seems to grasp the deadliness of these departments and violations of our constitutions. Only restoring our Constitution will save the Amish community in our midst.

Already the Amish communities have been seeking options to emigrate from America to countries more conducive to the Amish lifestyles and beliefs. They don’t, as yet, understand that THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. The North American Union will require the same RFID chips, not only in their animals, but in the people too.

It seems that the Amish will be the first ‘green martyrs’ for their faith, the first who will no longer be able to ‘buy or sell’ because they refuse to take the ‘mark of the beast.’

Who knew it would be America that would be the beast, forcing this chip on everyone?

We must restore the Constitution before it is too late for them, and for us.



  The Amish NEED Ron Paul to Survive wrote @

[…] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptOnly Ron Paul seems to grasp the deadliness of these departments and violations of our constitutions. Only restoring our Constitution will save the Amish community in our midst. Already the Amish communities have been seeking options to … […]

  Aaron wrote @

amish are pacifist, correct? – they never vote, right? thank you for this post.

  Margaret wrote @

Yes, they are so pacifist that they don’t even wear buttons or moustaches, so they can never be confused with a man in the military!

It was strange that George Bush said that the Amish all voted for him and ‘turned the election,’ because, as pacifists, they never would vote because of government aggression.

I am hoping they’ll make an exception in the case of Ron Paul, who wants to restore the Constitution and also end the war. Perhaps they’d consider his candidacy in a real way.

  jen wrote @

Keep writting, Margaret..
We ALL are in danger of this tyranny.
BUT, I feel there is relief in the midst..for all of us. God Willing.

  Marie wrote @

I’ve heard that some of the Amish are relocating to Venezuela.

  Margaret wrote @

Some of them are considering a move to Venezuela. However, soon they will not be able to leave America without a radio chip passport, which they won’t accept. Once there, the American Hemisphere organization will be seeking to chip everyone in the entire American hemisphere, both north and south America. There is really nowhere for them to go, just as there is nowhere for us to go if we refuse to be chipped.

[…] don’t care what anyone says, I’m not voting for Ron […]

  Margaret wrote @

Its ok, Mennonite. We’re still a free country for a few more months. Vote for any dictator you want to!

  david wrote @

The Amish (and old order Mennonites) around us in Central PA say that voting is not forbidden just not encouraged. Apparently the last time they voted in a big way was against JFK so maybe they could be pursuaded to vote again.

  daddysteve wrote @

C’mon guys,FREEDOM is the only reason your still around. Seems like a no-brainer.

  Eliécer wrote @

I`m a Venezuelan.
If somebody here can read spanish, visit:
Venezuela Amish – En caché21 Mar 2010 – ¿Por qué “Venezuela Amish”? Amish, es una religión cristiana, que es caracterizada por prohibir el uso de la electricidad, solo pueden usar …

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