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What Really Happened In Iraq? New Act of War and on the Edge of WWIII

Do we REALLY want this to continue?

Who’s interests are we REALLY serving? As the last post indicates, it was the Federal Reserve and trying to keep dollar hegemony that inspired the true decision for war in Iraq, and other middle eastern nations are following Hussein’s lead on monetary issues.

NOW we threaten nuclear war with Iran, and while the monetary policy and interests of the global banks is clearly one of the reasons, Israel is making clear statements that inflame war mongers and give justifications for the unjustifiable.

In fact, HERE is our latest ACT OF WAR, a provocation that is beyond beyond, and will very likely bring us to a nuclear WWIII. Thank you AIPAC- you are NO FRIEND of humanity.

It is NOT in OUR interests, and not ONE SINGLE PROBLEM has been, or could be, solved by this war.


Another Bush ‘Vow’ As Worthless as all the Others


On the holiest day of the year, Easter Sunday, we lost our 4,000th soldier in the Iraq war. Inspired by the God that Bush doesn’t honestly know, he decided to make a new vow: “I vow so long as I am president to make sure that those lives were not lost in vain.”

The only things accomplished in this war are all bad- for the people of America, for the Iraqis, for Christians, a vain war for everyone except the military industrial complex and the one world profiteers.

What good are his vows? He has VOWED to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and then proceeded to become, him and his administration and the do nothing congress with him, to gut everything in the Constitution that ‘we the people’ rely on. He, and they, have proven themselves and their cronies to be the biggest enemies our Constitutional government has EVER seen, only the Clinton’s sellout to China even coming close.

We cannot save Iraq, no matter what investment we make, no matter how many lives we spend in the effort. Like our own democracy, governance is a matter the Iraqi people must decide, not us. We can do nothing about their inter-religious and inter-ethnic conflicts. We can do nothing to decide for them how to develop and distribute their resources. Let it remain known, however, that before Bush, women in Iraq were not being slaughtered for not wearing scarves, they had utilities, they had Christians and even Jews, they had a civilization, no matter how different from ours it was at the time.

This was a war for PROFIT and nothing else. If you don’t mind our young people being cannon/IED fodder so the Cheney administration and all their buddies get richer and richer, then no, this wasn’t in vain.

Somehow, the value of that particular enterprise is completely lost on me. It is a disgraceful ‘celebration’ of Easter.

Edit: I have added the video requested by the blog subscriber below.

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