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Betrayals Begin Already: Obama Backs FISA

Long have civil libertarians and constitutionalists felt betrayed by the GOP- one full of promises that then, after election time or when push comes to shove and actions are IMPORTANT, betrayed again and again.

Internets and people for whom civil liberties and rule of law are CRITICAL ISSUES have been betrayed by Obama, before the first citizen ever even casts a vote for president.

Obama backed away from his promise of filibuster of FISA, and instead voted to permit law-breakers retroactive immunity!

This is no small matter, as every day lately we see our rights washed away as unimportant, our internet use being challenged, our freedoms being replaced by executive orders and fascistic unconstitutional enforcement.

Now Obama shows his TRUE colors and we now see that those with influence, over and above the people, have a ready ear in Obama. Telecommunications, Homeland ‘Security’, privacy- all will find a happy home in dealing with Obama.

All he needs US for is to get him elected. After that, all bets are off. Sounds just like McCain, doesn’t it?

Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative- we are ALL being used. But is is US that will lose our country- THEY have reassurances that the rest of us don’t.

So much for the ‘great defender of change.’ Same story, different name.

Congress Bought by Telecoms to gain FISA Switch

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