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Keep Your Laws off MY Body too, Hypocrites!

who owns you and your mind?

who owns you and your mind?

Pro-abortionists are so often recognized by their bumper sticker ‘Keep Your Laws Off My Body’ that it is synonymous with the abortion industry.

But the hypocrites have no problem putting THEIR laws on YOUR body- namely your BRAIN.

When people from doctors to pharmacists to small business people refuse to participate in activities that promote, support, or engage in abortion or abortifacients, they are accused of violating a ‘woman’s’ right to choose.

The right to free thought, the right to privacy, the right to property are all trampled on anyone who doesn’t think the same way as the pro-abortionists, and they aren’t ashamed of demanding the removal of professional’s jobs, their right to practice their expertise, the right to a clear conscience, their rights to freedom of religion.

WHO invested the money for the education that made these professions possible? The promiscuous who would rather kill the results of their profligacy or the student who paid for their education and did the work? Who invested their brain power, their time, their efforts, who sacrificed years of their lives, who dedicated themselves to careers and OATHS?

It wasn’t the ones who are demanding that all that value be set aside, was it.

No, it is the ‘thought police’ who want their own wanton willfulness to take the day, to trump every other value.

And they have the states, too, who are bringing suit against the only law that has been passed to protect those professionals.

You can’t have it both ways hypocrites, or our society will REALLY lose. Lose its brain power. Lose the value of such a huge investment.Lose its professionalism. Lose the true intellects that can still think sanely and still value YOUR life and the lives of YOUR children and loved ones.

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