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When We Want Your Opinion, We’ll Beat it Out of You, Calacanis!

Admittedly I’m a bit behind in my reading and I finally got to this post tonight. Evidently, taking to heart what L Ron Hubbard said, (ANYONE can stand on a corner and declare themselves an expert in ANYTHING- sooner or later SOMEONE will believe it), Calacanis upped his ‘credibility’ again by attacking Seth Godin and his Squidoo site with the same, old, assaultive and abusive battering ram.

Let me quote: “Calacanis is invoking Seth Godin’s Squidoo service and remarking about the large amount of content on Squidoo that is stolen and is overpopulated with “affiliate spam“. Why does Squidoo even exists? It exists to pollute the internet. There is nothing of value there.”

I, and LOADS of other honest, hardworking and creative Squidoo members are sick and tired of being beaten up by YOU. The problem with having your mouth open yelling all the time is that you NEVER use your ears.

You don’t share your ‘income’ with contributors as Seth does. You keep it ALL for yourself. In fact, I’ve heard from my favorite GENUINE, creative webmastering experts that if a newbie seo person wants to know what SEO topics Google says is ‘hot right now’ all they need to do is follow YOUR tricks and your lead, trying to capture the latest surge of interest and the greatest number of click thru ads, to enrich yourself. Get it while its HOT, in other words. That, despite the fact that you say that ‘seo is bullshit.’

Why do you care that people are trying to make a decent living from affiliate sales? What do you care how people share their expertise, their stories, their favorites, their struggles, and perhaps earn a little extra for their families for doing so? Why do you care if people like the Amish offer their goods through affiliation, or Brazilian weavers, or European woodcarvers, to hopefully increase the sales to their little businesses?

Shall we all turn EVERYTHING over to you? Forget it. You don’t care enough about anyone but yourself to trust all that to.

No thanks. You’re not even polite. I’d be embarrassed to have you at my family reunion, and that’s saying a LOT.  They can put up with almost anybody.

Let’s take a look at the pollution coming out of your own mouth: “Anyone here from PayPerPost? You need to kill yourself. I’m kidding. Well, I wouldn’t mind it if you did.”

More NONSENSE: “Truth is, much of this affiliate stuff is bullshit ponzi scheme where people got lucky and made a lot of money not doing much.”

But THEN: “You guys think small. Holding up a 6 figure check is just pathetic. That’s your industry’s biggest success? Really?

And, of course, this: “The semantic web is a way to confuse people by making them feel as if they are too stupid to build good sites. But seriously, realize you’re at the bottom of the food chain and fight up. Create loving, long-term relationships with users based on high-quality content and services.” (Like Seth Godin, perchance???)

STEALING John Lennon’s old line: Mahalo is bigger and better than Jesus because it’s so easy to find great content.

You’re stealing position, but by KEYWORD TRICKS, and you say “If you run an affiliate site, you should be scared to death of me because we’re going to take your rank by making better content.” ANYONE can ‘view source’ on a web browser and discover what keywords are working for a given page. Why should we fear YOU?

I’m sure you could be more insulting, if you had more time and a BIGGER AUDIENCE. But, you can’t make better content than the links I’ve provided here. You’re not capable of it. You don’t have enough experience, enough different passions, to create content like that.

Thank goodness that it is still a FREE COUNTRY, and if we prefer to participate in the program that GENTLEMAN Seth Godin has going, and many of the Squidoo members are grateful for the opportunity, then we have the right to do so without answering to you.

In my estimation you owe a LOT of FINE PEOPLE an apology, at Squidoo and beyond, all those people who are working hard to make their online businesses succeed, trying hard to provide a living for their children, trying hard to fulfill the promise of web 2.0 to make a COMMUNITY of the inhabitants of the world. If they can interest their communities in products or services offered through affiliate sites, then everyone wins.

None of that will happen if you have your say… your speaking makes that all too clear.

Everything that came out of your mouth is meaningless opinion based on OLD, OUTDATED information. Squidoo has effectively dealt with the spam problem that came down on all of the members heads, and that was ages ago. But you know that, you’re not THAT out of touch, but the dig is just too – pleasurable – for you.

Like you, we won’t forget. I think its a wise business decision for the Affiliate providers to forget- forget to invite you to future events or risk alienating a LOT of customers and those who sell through affiliations.

#1 Lensrank at Squidoo: Michelangelo’s David!


Michelangelo’s David has bee flirting with the #1 spot on Squidoo’s top 100 Lensrank list for quite a long time, and has been on that top 100 list almost since the day it was created.

So, imagine my DELIGHT that today, when I woke up, I discovered that Michelangelo’s David had FINALLY actually arrived at #1! (Out of almost 1/2 million pages!)

I got screenshots!

My profound thanks to ChefKeem who was alert and was the first to congratulate me on achieving #1! He’s a REAL fan of that page!

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