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The Coming Showdown: The Peoples or the Powers!

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According to this press release, Ron Paul has fullfilled all the ballot requirements for all 50 states! Dedicated constitutionalists, true Americans all over the country, have worked and sweat their way through all the red tape and vagaries of the party system in order to put the man IN FRONT OF THE PEOPLE and seek to return us to the Constitutional government from where we came.

This, along with the other surprises along the way, are very exciting!

We are trying to AWAKEN everyone! No matter what your agenda is, no matter WHAT is important to you, there is ONLY ONE way that there is a possibility of fulfillment, and that is if you still have the RIGHTS the Constitution gives.

Without those, we are crushed under the iron thumbs of people who would rather see us, our young people, and our country, dead. Supposedly we are under threat by some backwater imam who lives in a cave, and this is reason to take our country down the road to global war. This is ignoring all that the people are trying to say.

Every solution the powers-that-be offer to the economic mess only enriches and shores up the rich criminal enterprises that took us here, and do NOTHING for the citizens who have footed the entire bill ANYWAY.

Repeatedly our enemies have expressed worry about the valueless dollar, our foreign policy, and are working hard to be ready to take action.

EVERYONE is in fear of a collapsing economy, and our candidates have NOTHING to offer Americans as a solution that takes care of US.

What is good for Wall Street is usually bad for the people. This time what is good AND what is bad for Wall Street is BAD for the people. The people are losing on every front. Battle lines are drawn, whether all the citizens realize it yet or not.

The showdown is coming between US and THEM. Ron Paul understands this economic battle. The true enemies do too, and plan to take us all down. None of the people want to go THERE. We’ll be watching how this turns out…

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