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Ron Paul’rs: Time to Drive a STAKE through the Heart of the Two Parties!

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From all over the country, reports are coming in from Ron Paul people who are trying to participate in party politics, and THEY DON’T LIKE WHAT THEY SEE!

Noticing these horrible irregularities, new people have been questioning the party chairs, in every state.

They are ALARMED by irregularities in voting, fraudulent vote counts, strong-arm policies, their emails being marked ‘suspicious’, reasonable requests for verified vote counts, and OBTUSE refusals to accept the right of delegates to vote for whom they choose; allegiance to the UN Government being ASSUMED, every single conceivable game is being played for the benefit of…. who?

Both parties are taking us to a GLOBAL NUCLEAR CONFLAGRATION. Both parties are giving away American Sovereignty. Both parties have SOLD OFF ALL AMERICAN ASSETS TO FOREIGNERS. Both parties ARE IN SOMEONE’S POCKET-


Texas, Colorado, Michigan and everywhere- we are discovering that the state of our political parties are A DISGRACE of corruption and power-politics.

We are watching Fascist techniques being employed AGAINST THE PEOPLE by BOTH PARTIES.

How on earth Ron Paul had the strength and COURAGE to hang in there, in spite of the most VICIOUS political gamesmanship against him in American history is ANYONE’S GUESS.

But, you can be sure that THINGS ARE GOING TO CHANGE.

It is ALWAYS the young that pay the price for the sins of the old, but THIS TIME IT ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN.

WHY should the young pay with their Country, their inheritance? Why should this cost them their RIGHTS? Why should THEY have to fight YOUR WARS??? Why should they have a future of poverty, want, and chaos BECAUSE OF YOUR GREED AND YOUR EVIL?

What on EARTH do YOU have to offer them???

You ‘disaffected conservatives‘ want to whine that the Ron Paul people should vote for Alan Keyes.


Join with the young, or LOSE them, LOSE YOUR COUNTRY, lose your rights to have your ‘values.’

There simply isn’t another choice.

This is the BIG YEAR.

Before this year is over, there will be a stake driven through the heart of THIS POLITICAL SYSTEM. Will the old and stale take the day, or the young and energetic?

We remember the old saying, “Age and ruthlessness always overcome Youth and idealism.”

Not this time.

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