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Dollar Meltdown, Media & Iraq War Interconnection: Fed Reserve Solution?

With Greenspan running off to the Middle East, China and Russia recommending they dump the dollar, our condition is far worse than we ever imagined.


Outrageous and Corrupt Media Coverage of Presidential Election: Ron Paul SHOULD Be Winning

This is an inexcusable abuse of the Constitution and the First Amendment Rights given to the business of media! Being used to take our own rights away, gut the Constitution and take America down the road to hell: economic destruction, fascism in America, even more war– their entire goal is monstrous.

Even the privatized election tally company, Diebold, continues to give Ron Paul inexplicably low vote tallies- even though it has been proven beyond any doubt that they are tampering with the results.

And we’re supposed to TAKE this?

It is way past time to make the media suffer the consequences of their actions. We need to do MASS boycotts of every advertiser, supporter, and outlet for these media manipulators.

This boycott needs to be long term so they FEEL the financial pain- no let up until there is actual restoration of truth and YOU KNOW we won’t get any. If they aren’t living up to their rights and obligations, then there is no use for them.

As I’ve been known to say before, I’ll say it to the media now: If you’re not here for me when I need you, what the hell do I need you for?

Presidential Power Grabs: Why would the media want this, support this???? Who’s side are they on?

The Headline that Wasn’t:

Hillary’s Imperial Presidency & One World American Military!

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