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What Really Happened In Iraq? New Act of War and on the Edge of WWIII

Do we REALLY want this to continue?

Who’s interests are we REALLY serving? As the last post indicates, it was the Federal Reserve and trying to keep dollar hegemony that inspired the true decision for war in Iraq, and other middle eastern nations are following Hussein’s lead on monetary issues.

NOW we threaten nuclear war with Iran, and while the monetary policy and interests of the global banks is clearly one of the reasons, Israel is making clear statements that inflame war mongers and give justifications for the unjustifiable.

In fact, HERE is our latest ACT OF WAR, a provocation that is beyond beyond, and will very likely bring us to a nuclear WWIII. Thank you AIPAC- you are NO FRIEND of humanity.

It is NOT in OUR interests, and not ONE SINGLE PROBLEM has been, or could be, solved by this war.


War Mongering Barak Obama? Nukes for AIPAC?


Antiwar people had high hopes for Barak Obama, and due to the over-influence of AIPAC on our policies, Obama crumpled like a McDonald’s wrapper and promised extreme measures of our American Government on AIPAC’s behalf.

AIPAC was Obama’s FIRST STOP after getting the nomination.

IT is a HUGE FLIP, based on his promises of ending war.

And his namesake, Barak, indicates Israel will WAIT on talks with its neighbors, until next year, after the elections, evidently when they REALLY have some muscle to bargain with.

He’s promising to go after Iran- something Israel could do itself if it so chose. Let’s be clear here- Iran has done NOTHING to us to justify a nuclear attack against them.

If we nuke Iran we have committed a horrifying crime against God, against humanity, against the planet.

He’s promising Israel ANOTHER 30 billion dollars for their defense- almost none of the investment we’ve made in them up to now has been spent. We spend, AND we do their defending. A double-whammy.

Now we are told our economy WILL COLLAPSE within three months and he’s promising Israel TENS OF BILLIONS MORE?

There it is. We build up their defense, bankrupting ourselves, and then spend at least that much more defending THEM. We create a GLOBAL WAR, all for Israel?

Once we’re bankrupt, they will STILL have all we gave them. They won’t be coming to OUR defense, you can be sure.

What do American interests have to do with AIPAC’s? Only this: they can buy and sell our politicians. By doing so they can threaten the free world, they can spend OUR money any way they like, they can tamper with our elections and they can make EVERY American interest answer to them.

Time for America to rid itself of the leach called AIPAC. Its bleeding us to death.

American interests and AIPAC interests have TOTALLY diverged. The case for their similarity is pathetically inadequate to justify ANY of this. Furthermore, WHY SHOULD ANY AMERICAN POLITICIAN be running to them? Shouldn’t AIPAC wait on our politicians like everyone else?

Its time for REAL STATESMEN who KNOW the truth about our country, what we’re really facing, what’s actually happening, and what will ACTUALLY work to help us. No more AIPAC puppets. There are altogether too many of those in our government now.

These aren’t kids games, here. These aren’t issues American Idol can solve. These are dangerous, TREACHEROUS, and REQUIRE COURAGE, INTELLIGENCE, AND EXPERIENCE.

Waffling and pussy-footing will take America DOWN. There are all too many people that would LOVE to see that.

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