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Poisoned World: E-Weapons & US Military, Police State

New, virtually unknown weapons, and the use of high powered electronics against citizens by the new police state.


Poisoned World: Chemtrails & HAARP

Warfare of high technology, not only against us American citizens, but around the world.

Poisoned World: Chemtrails

Poisoning populations, land, wildlife.

Exempt from the law deliberately.

What the he77 are they spraying???

Poisoned World: Fluoride

With the hideous deception of prevention of tooth decay, we have poisoned ourselves, our children, our water supply.

Poisoned World: Big Pharma & FDA

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and the name of him that sat on him was DEATH, and HELL followed with him. And power was given unto him over the fourth part of the earth,* to kill with the sword [War], and with hunger [planned starvation], and with death [deliberate introduction of pathogens and poisonous chemicals] and with the beasts of the earth [soul less humans].” Revelation 6:8

Drugs are everywhere. So many toxic chemicals in our food, air, and water. Cancer and a whole host of degenerative diseases are on the rise. This is FAR bigger than most people would ever imagine… this conspiracy stuff is not theory as you will see with actual verifiable documentation in this series.

WWIII Economic & Tech War?

Global seismic activity has increased so much that it has become alarming. It cannot merely be coincidence, with all the technological weaponry, seemingly unresolvable international differences, new alliances, and even a plea for humanity from Fidel Castro.

It seems to me there is a confluence of events that bode catastrophe not only for societies and nations, but even for the very planet we all share.

It is my belief that there is ALREADY a global war occurring. A scientific, technological war that is unknown to the average planetary citizen, but actively engaged in by the elites with profound interests in power, money, and global ownership.

Is it merely coincidence that seismic activity down south coincided with the (now global) bird and fish die-offs, and with the numerous HAARP machines around the world (China, Russia, Alaska, Texas, et al)?

High frequency sonar experiments have killed countless whales, porpoises and other sea life. After years of denying it, the United States Navy finally admitted their responsibility.

We are in an age now where events that look like natural disasters to the average person could easily be high-tech acts of war, not by ‘terrorists’ in the lamestream media verbage, but by governments and corporations engaged in an all-out global war: a war of technology, currency wars, corporate interests and a struggle for global power.

China, who thanks to the Clintons, also has a HAARP machine, recently fired a missile off of our western coast. Evidently it was a HUGE surprise to our ‘superior’ military. The people didn’t even know China was there! We did NOT know that ‘diplomacy’ and international relations had deteriorated so far that such an act would even be conceivable.

There are ‘mystery missiles’ showing up in various areas off our shores.

Over Texas:

Over LA

Over California:

Looks like global war to me- economic & currency wars, technological wars, as well as out and out conventional war, all for agendas that may or may not be in the interests of the people.

Yes, WWIII has begun. When were they going to tell the rest of us it has started?

Bullets made of Sound

The future is here. Deadly bullets made of sound are a technique already in use. Though the experts deny that they are currently in use as weapons, the advances in sound wave military technology has brought the future into our modern age.

What is needed? Tweaking and tightening of the technology, and mass production as weapons for policing.

How nice- at least the environment won’t be polluted with the lead left behind by more traditional forms of ammo.

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