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WWIII Economic & Tech War?

Global seismic activity has increased so much that it has become alarming. It cannot merely be coincidence, with all the technological weaponry, seemingly unresolvable international differences, new alliances, and even a plea for humanity from Fidel Castro.

It seems to me there is a confluence of events that bode catastrophe not only for societies and nations, but even for the very planet we all share.

It is my belief that there is ALREADY a global war occurring. A scientific, technological war that is unknown to the average planetary citizen, but actively engaged in by the elites with profound interests in power, money, and global ownership.

Is it merely coincidence that seismic activity down south coincided with the (now global) bird and fish die-offs, and with the numerous HAARP machines around the world (China, Russia, Alaska, Texas, et al)?

High frequency sonar experiments have killed countless whales, porpoises and other sea life. After years of denying it, the United States Navy finally admitted their responsibility.

We are in an age now where events that look like natural disasters to the average person could easily be high-tech acts of war, not by ‘terrorists’ in the lamestream media verbage, but by governments and corporations engaged in an all-out global war: a war of technology, currency wars, corporate interests and a struggle for global power.

China, who thanks to the Clintons, also has a HAARP machine, recently fired a missile off of our western coast. Evidently it was a HUGE surprise to our ‘superior’ military. The people didn’t even know China was there! We did NOT know that ‘diplomacy’ and international relations had deteriorated so far that such an act would even be conceivable.

There are ‘mystery missiles’ showing up in various areas off our shores.

Over Texas:

Over LA

Over California:

Looks like global war to me- economic & currency wars, technological wars, as well as out and out conventional war, all for agendas that may or may not be in the interests of the people.

Yes, WWIII has begun. When were they going to tell the rest of us it has started?

Escalating the War to WWIII? Ron Paul is RIGHT!

bush fascist salute

Admiral Fallon’s abrupt resignation sent shock wave signals through the world, signalling that even the military was concerned about Cheney/Bush’s intention to escalate the war into Iran.

“Across the officer corps, a large number of senior military leaders share Admiral Fallon’s broad assessment that a war with Iran would bring unexpected and, perhaps, unmanageable, risks elsewhere in the Muslim world and around the globe.” In other words, to quote Ron Paul: ‘blowback.’

Even the surge, using our military as a police force (illegally, and unconstitutionally) in Iraq is dangerous and certainly not in the best interests of America:

“Adm. Fallon had favored a significant withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, arguing that the open-ended deployment of 140,000 military personnel there was causing growing manpower strains throughout the armed forces.”

There are more dreadful effects of this mess. The ‘religious war’ has taken hold of the Middle East, and innocent people are suffering and dying because of it. Yes, we SAY it isn’t a ‘religious war’ but there is no other way for the victims of this war to understand it. It was illegal in the first place. In the second place, we HAVE their oil, yet we still continue aggression, and it is obvious that our administration intends to expand it to Iran and elsewhere. What other explanation can they find?

Thanks to the Clinton Administration, who have enriched our enemies with our best technology and weapons, one simple action tied two very dangerous countries together in opposition to us, BEFORE 9/11 and Bush’s war decision. Ensuing policies have only strengthened this relationship between China and Russia, who have allied themselves with Iran.

War with Iran IS war with China and Russia. Global war. WWIII.

McCain is Bush and Bush policies with a bad, VERY BAD, face-lift.

Ron Paul is the ONLY CHOICE for global peace.

Enemies Choosing the Time of America’s Demise

 russia china partners

Here we have a further devaluation towards the collapse of the dollar, as is known throughout the rest of the world, but, strangely, not HERE.

Furthermore it seems that the Doomsday legislation passed in 2005 (called “disgusting, terrible and unconstitutional,” said Norm Ornstein, of an independent, bipartisan panel called the Continuity of Government Commission which is studying the issue. “The way it was passed was deceitful and the intent behind the legislation was very foolish.”) is actually being implemented.

Foreign troops are being trained, using those willing to shoot on American citizens. This is with our own military gone in bases around the world, and these foreign troops aren’t here to uphold the constitution. This does NOT include Blackwater and the hired paramilitaries the FBI has exempted from shoot-to-kill crimes.

Now, China seems to be unwilling to continue to finance America’s illegal wars. Russia, allied with China, has been pushing for economic power over the dollar, to ‘pull the plug‘ on the currency, at at time deemed most ‘useful’ for them.

The Russia/China partnership was entered to stop the only superpower in the world-America. They will do it through means of collapsing the dollar through pulling funds, and through oil throughout the middle east. At the UN they oppose any use of force against Iran, while they understand clearly that America has not taken pre-emptive nuclear strikes against that country ‘off the table.’

If China refuses to fund America’s wars, and Russia retaliates against our position on Kosovo, which is a serious point of contention, their threats may quickly become the new reality for the American economy.

The illegal and immoral war we have been waging is far too expensive, is draining our economy dry, and must stop. Borrowing the funds from China to pay for it puts ownership of all American assets at risk. It is causing diplomatic crises around the world, organizing our enemies against us, and is dangerous for the entire world.  A hundred year war is impossible given the state of our economy, and we haven’t even gone halfway through the mortgage crisis as yet.

As Lenin said, “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” The noose is already tied.

Evil Hypocrisy of Clinton’s Pro-Choice


Steven Mosher, following up with Chinese One-Child policy 25 years later wrote “As one of the leaders of the National Organization of Women put it to me, “I am personally opposed to forced abortion and sterilization but, after all, China does have a population problem.” Others, sounding for all the world like the Chinese Communist Party officials I had interviewed, openly argued that, because China was a poor country, its people could not be allowed (from CHOICE people?) to have as many children as they wanted. A number even applauded the Chinese model, and wanted to use it as a blueprint for other countries. “Limiting everyone to one child, even in the U.S., is a good idea,” one said to me.”

Sounds like an anti-choice anti-life communist position doesn’t it?

What’s worse, if there is such a thing as worse than that, is that Billary Clinton was responsible for selling America’s military and nuclear secrets to China, putting them in a position to not only take our jobs (manufacturing facilities being the single largest LEGAL export to China during their administration) , but also to take and rule our country! The Idiot’s Guide to Chinagate explains, “Federal investigators later concluded that China made off with the “crown jewels” of our nuclear weapons research under Clinton’s open-door policy – probably including design specifications for suitcase nukes. Meanwhile, Clinton and his corporate cronies raked in millions.” Furthermore, “ Clinton’s top campaign contributors for 1992 were Chinese agents; his top donors in 1996 were U.S. defense contractors selling missile technology to China.”

Clintons sold America out to China, the ONE country who FORCES abortions on women whether they want them or not. In fact, the primary target of these abortions is females, leaving a current STANDING ARMY of approximately 200 MILLION single men, who have NO HOPE of ever having a family of their own. This army is amassing on our southern continent, with ports and a critically important canal, turned over in exchange for millions to fund the prime ‘pro-choice’ advocates in our times!

I was one of those individuals that felt that the Beijing Conference in 1995 would be the ONE place where pro-life and pro-choice people would agree: that either way you looked at it, China was FORCING abortion on women. NOT SO! The National Organization of Women actually APPROVED of China’s forced abortion policy, and fought like crazy ANY HINT of objection against China’s policy!

That’s when they lost me forever. Pro-choicers aren’t for choice. They are for abortion- their demonic sacrament of blood for the commission of license and selfishness of any type at all.

But, just for the record, not completely cold OR wasteful: fetuses are at least being used as medicine, organ donors and food. Baby eating in China? Not fiction…..

Building Liberty not NAFTA Highways: Ron Paul’s Bills

bush peso

At least there is ONE candidate, ONE politician that refuses to provide a taxpayer funded avenue for foreign takeover! Ron Paul has two bills pending that would at minimum cease the funding for the Trans-Texas Super Corridor specifically, or participate in the NAFTA or its plans.

For those who have worked so diligently for the US to be taken over by Mexi-Chin invasion, they are discovering that Ron Paul is NO LONGER being ignored. They’ve made VAST sums of money out of this entire travesty, and they want him OUT.

While they attack his very congressional seat hoping to pop him out, and use their media mouthpieces to defame him, still the awareness of the American people is growing and getting more difficult to ignore.

Now you have the links for the bills. Contact your so-called ‘representatives’ and DEMAND they be passed, without circumvention.

Don’t you be surprised to hear: “if you don’t like me walking all over you, then get up off the floor- DOORMAT!”

Get up off the floor folks, doormats accomplish little.

Oops- They’ve Noticed China…..

See, hear, speak nothing

In another opportunity to be ‘much too late’ it seems that a voluntary, secretive, and non-elected, non-representative government treasury group CFIUS has objected the sale of 3Com to China, on grounds of national security concerns. No doubt they would have permitted it except the last time they were making such a move, selling ports to an Arab nation, people got upset.

Steven Weisman asks “Does the “America for Sale” sign require a warning label?” I say that’s a question that is far too little and FAR too late. The worst damage was already done during the Demo-commie Clinton administration in the form of Chinagate. That fairytale courtship gave the largest communist dictatorship on the planet total and free access to our military secrets, military technology, and critical homeland defense infrastructure (Panama Canal, ports, etc.). Not to mention our manufacturing facilities, machinery, equipment, jobs.

The military industrial complex was thrilled by that ready access to such fabulous information (taxpayer funded, if you need to be reminded), because then they had a brand-new market they could sell the top of the line military equipment, machinery and periphery. China went from a third-world poverty stricken backwater to a global superpower instantaneously, and a very rich one at that.

But back to Weisman’s article, the CFIUS holds this opinion: “American officials and specialists in the field said it would be premature to conclude that the United States had decided it needed to crack down on foreign investments, even in delicate technology areas.”

We are told, however, that the collapse or delay of the 3Com deal will increase ‘tensions’ with China. Given that China, after Clinton supplied them with everything they needed, has already openly said that ‘War with America is INEVITABLE. It cannot be avoided,’ I guess they would be a little irritated that we didn’t ALSO sell them the technology and means to hack into the military’s technological network, destroy our communications ability for quick response to their inevitable attack. They’ll have to work a little harder themselves, for a change.
Americans can be SO HARD to get along with at times, can’t we?

Of course, the treason goes on and on, showing clearly that it is a totally bi-partisan effort. We’re told “This month, federal officials charged a Defense Department official with passing classified documents to China. In a separate case, the Justice Department arrested a former Boeing engineer in California on charges of economic espionage for the Chinese.”

And, here we are with our ‘representatives’ in action: “Members of Congress have also asked the Bush administration to defend its decision last year to allow certain Chinese companies to import crucial military technologies without licenses.”

China Tech Research Investment

You can see from this chart that since the Clinton Era, Chinese investment in ‘technology’ has increased exponentially, and certainly not for ‘global benefit’.

This recently noticed ‘snag’? “The proposed $2.2 billion deal had called for Bain Capital, a private equity firm based in Boston, to join with a Chinese company, Huawei Technologies, to acquire 3Com. The snag was that 3Com makes antihacking computer software for the military, among other things, and Huawei Technologies has ties to the Chinese military.

Let’s talk ECONOMIC ESPIONAGE.  What purpose could there be for China to want information like that?  The fiat money currently in use by the industrial military complex’s  puppets at the Federal Reserve put America in extreme danger of economic collapse.  Intelligent ‘investment’ in America by her enemies could certainly create opportunities for them to collapse our economy just when it is most opportune for them.

Just as war technologies put America at a serious security risk, so also does international investment- particularly when it is our enemies that are funding our illegal wars.

Ron Paul, we NEED you to get our economics, and our national security, BACK ON THE RIGHT FOOTING!

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