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Survival Skills for the Greatest Depression: Clan’destiny’


WWII Americans Fight for Liberty

Surviving an economic collapse is serious and difficult business. Surviving hyperinflation compounds the problem exponentially. Surviving global fascism takes it up to the stratosphere.

Is it your destiny to survive what is coming? Are you preparing?

We know we can retain our wealth by investing in gold and especially silver. We know that we may be permitted into the ‘new’ economy if we sell our our American values and succumb to a global government and a new version of fiat currency, this time electronic.

However, ‘cooperation’ is no guarantee at all that we can survive it until the new monster collapses under its own evil weight.

Therefore I think it is an appropriate time to think a little further into they types of skills that are likely to be very important to surviving the juggernaut that is coming.

In American history, one of the useful forms of quiet clandestine communication was the skill of quilting. Certain quilt patterns lent themselves to carrying messages that the uninitiated would not be able to decipher. A person escaping on the underground railroad might find themselves using a quilt with the flying geese patches. The direction the flying geese were going on the quilt would indicate the direction the escapee would go for the next leg of their journey, if the ‘geese’ were flying northeast, the quilt would indicate that by its layout.

Under Cromwell, Catholics were slaughtered in huge numbers and most especially priests. Rather than making normal vestments for the priests to use for hidden masses, needleworkers would create patchwork chasubles that not only worked for the various church seasons and their colors, but indicated various secret congregations based on their arrangements. If a priest was stopped by the authorities all they would see was a quilt/sleeping bag, however, these were valuable maps as well as sacred vestments.

In fishing communities knitted sweaters having special patterns unique to families provided a means of identification.

Saladin used carrier pigeons to send messages back and forth to his various military outposts against the crusaders.

The list of potential communication opportunities is huge. In fact it is limited only by the imagination and skills of any group or series of groups, and it could be done with all manner of materials.

There can be no question that under fascism and communism, under conditions of oppression and war, clandestine communications have been critical for survival, not only of the people themselves, but also for people who find themselves in dangerous situations such as military.

In our world today, when Big Brother is exploiting and infiltrating virtually every form of modern communications, it really is time to begin to brainstorm about the various ways individuals can communicate important messages and warnings to each other without relying on our electronic means.

I hope that you will immediately begin considering various methods that you are capable of using among trusted and important individuals.

We take our clues from survivors of other forms of oppression and times of grave danger from government, military, fascism, genocide.

What was clandestine permitted their ‘manifest destiny.’ Never forget that.

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