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Nano Economics & Concentricity: Alternate Economies

Buying Crap

Buying into the Lies

Climate change has, indeed, ocurred in America and its not the one that Al Gore has been raking in millions lying about.

Can you feel it? That almost tangible harmonic in everyone around you – that ‘on edge’ anticipation of when, what moment, will ‘it’ happen? When is the shoe to drop?

My intention is to take you step by step through the REAL economy and address the challenges and opportunities in each one. It requires brutal honesty in ourselves and assessing the world around us, a process which has been thrown to the four winds by the basically global deception we were all weaned on, raised in and practiced all our lives.

In fact, most of don’t even know that the economy we’ve been living with isn’t the only form of economy, that there are alternatives out there that are much better.

Beginning with the tiniest of the tiny.

At the nano level, the tiniest (and most powerful level, btw), each one of us ‘nanos’ are on the edge of our seat, perhaps knowing what to expect and watching helplessly as it happens in slo-mo; but NOT knowing what the fallout will be on a very practical level.

Just like tossing your smartphone into any still pool of water, there are concentric circles that move out from the center into greater and greater size.

Just like that smartphone, you, a nano, have enormous capacity, enormous capabilities, and you have specific needs. YOU are a nano-economy.

The next ring out from the center would be your family, including localized extended family. I call this the atomic economy, with its own needs and resources.

The next concentric ring is your local community, a micro-economy.

Macro economics encompasses the economy of your state and country.

Hyper economy is the global economy.

As in physics, the rules that apply to the macro are not applicable to the micro and sub-atomic economies. In fact they are opposite, which explains why it is nearly always the case that is what is good for Wall Street is BAD for the people, and what is bad for Wall Street is good for the people.

That being said, the time to deal with the nano-economics, that of yourself and your family, is upon us. If you do not begin to grapple with that NOW, you will have forfeited your power in the days to come.

We DO NOT KNOW OURSELVES. Our lives are completely unexamined. Our expectations dictate our behavior and we don’t even know the power of those expectations over us. Our addictions and outlets are so tied in to the economy we were raised with, as if that were the only kind, are exactly the hooks that will drag us into the kind of slavery that will destroy our hearts and souls, our families, our country and likely, even the world. The solution begins within you.

A strict assessment of NEEDS versus WANTS is extremely critical.


As we have seen over and over again, those who have lost everything due to a natural disaster like Katrina are horribly shell-shocked and distressed.

We EXPECTED our tax dollars to effectively deal with the aftermath of Katrina. We EXPECTED our government to ‘do its job.’

Those expectations actually prevented the massive outpouring of mercy and tangible assistance to OUR OWN PEOPLE as there was for the families of the 911 victims….

Therefore as the Katrina catastrophe fed into our living rooms, we watched as the limp-wristed fishnets and stiletto heel crowd refuse to give up ‘its’ Mardi Gras and pranced their pretty asses down the few sidewalks remaining while dead bodies were floating right by them in repulsive and toxic waters.

We watched as ‘officials’ hired Blackwater private militias to burst into citizens homes and seize their guns, their only protection against the ensuing looters, and drive them out of their homes into the waiting arms of agenda driven gunmen with no contractural or legal obligation to the law of the land- the Constitution.

We saw inbound highways blocked off from use by exiting citizens, while the ‘proper’ outbound lanes were blocked by broken down cars, exploding buses, and and hamstrung rescue vehicles.

We watched inept and uncaring politicians and bureaucrats point fingers and do nothing effective, wasting our tax dollars on useless and ineffective ‘solutions’ that have borne no fruit even to today.

We watched as idiot policy makers debated over which people to save, and how they should be saved, and as people slowly got sicker and more and more disabled from the government standard FEMA trailers with poisonous levels of formaldehyde.

Those people, those FELLOW CITIZENS, had everything they are and everything they believed in destroyed in horrible and life-changing ways.

YOU are a ‘fellow citizen’ and YOU are vulnerable.

Notice the outpouring of support for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. No one had ANY expectations of that government, that it could provide or even know what to do for its people. Therefore our mercy and compassion were permitted to kick into high gear. There were no ‘expectations’ blocking the way. For ourselves, even though mercy and help was practiced by many people toward the Katrina victims, it DID NOT OCCUR AT THE MACRO LEVEL.

It won’t be different for you and for me, excepting only that NOW is the acceptable time to confront and take power over the inner sanctums of your very self, and those of your families. It is a gift that we have time and warning of the economic Katrina headed our way.

We MUST first grapple with our expectations.

Let me give you an example that is in the context of a less-catastrophic event. As some of you might know, I lost everything that I had, and my own personal economics were completely destroyed. When that event occurred, all the rest of the country’s economy was still purring along.

Nevertheless, for this ‘nanite’ the loss was catastrophic. And it had many layers.

Immediately I discovered that one of the most painful things was that all the expectations I had of the world around me had no basis in actual fact.

For example, I had expectations of the society around me. I had been fed the pablum, all my life, that places like the Red Cross, churches, and other helping groups would come also to my assistance. I expected certain things from officials, insurance companies, lawyers and the legal system. I was wrong.

I’m not accusing anyone of anything here. The error was MINE. My expectations were beyond what was practiced in fact except in the most ‘media’ of ways. It never occurred to me that the cases of someone getting helped by the Red Cross, for example, made the news because it wasn’t common for everyone. Media focuses on the chaos, the unusual, the ‘inordinary’. Nevertheless, it was painful and difficult to come to grips with it, and to take a hard look at what I expected from whom, and recalibrate those expectations to be more realistic and practical.

Even though the problem was mine, my own expectations, my experience of the failure of those expectations was one of BETRAYAL. A profound betrayal, the kind you would feel if your dearly beloved spouse turned out to not only be in love with your best friend, but that they were plotting and ready to carry out your death.

It was not, in fact, betrayal, at least in most cases. But, it surely FELT like it.

The truth is that there has been much fed to me throughout my life that I just blindly accepted. Through television, media, and peer socialization I had accumulated numerous faulty expectations and had acted on them as if they were reality in fact all through life.

As Robin Williams said, “Reality. What a concept!”

When reality actually sets in on a life deceived, it can’t be anything but painful. The healing and power begins when one faces these things one by one and deals with them.

What, exactly, would you expect of the world around you if catastrophe happens? Of the people in your state, your community, your friends and your family? And, if they are going through the same thing you are, would those expectations be realistic at all???

The secondary to this is: what can realistically be expected OF ME by others around me, whether in a normal economy or in a catastrophic one? What IS my normal level of compassion for the people around me, and what is my extraordinary one? Who, exactly, and for what reasons, has the right or the avenue to expect total sacrifice of me and all that I have? What are my limitations, my contingencies, for giving that? Where and how am I most likely to let them down? What do I expect in return for giving my everything?

Expectations versus Reality.

This process is a deeply ‘economic’ one as well as a spiritual one. Without this assessment you cannot properly value your labor, and its use and who it should benefit; you cannot properly understand the value of what you are ‘giving to Caesar’ and you cannot evaluate the importance of the law, the governance, and the Constitution/ Bill of Rights. You won’t know who and what you have taken for granted, with whom and with what you are likely to be reckless, and what your true weaknesses are that could be the things to drag you into slavery.

And without it, you will know NOTHING of how you will act or react when the economic collapse ‘hits the pavement’ like the jumpers from the WTC.

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