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Inflationary Depression: Quick Trillionaires in No Time Flat!

bag of money

bag of money

When I visited Mexico some years ago, I heard that our border guards were incensed because Mexicans BELIEVED that Americans walked around with bags of money. To their mind, this was laughable, a sign of how IGNORANT people were in Mexico. I mean, wouldn’t ANY American be suspicious of someone who walked around with BAGS of money?

However, when I went to cash a couple of hundred of dollars in for pesos, I discovered that the exchange rate was in the area of 3600 pesos PER DOLLAR and I did, indeed, NEED to walk around with a bag full of money.

Well, what’s a few zeros between you and me, hey? In Zimbabwe where their inflation increases the necessity to add zeros to their currency (at the rate of 215 MILLION percent) BY THE HOUR, knocking off ten or twelve every few months and re-setting the value of their currency is quite a common occurrence.

Shortly, when Obama calls a ‘bank holiday’ as predicted by Gerald Celente, your money won’t be available until the holiday is over, at an anticipated rate of ten cents on the dollar. Its either that, or you’ll be an instant trillionaire overnight, month after month after month.

Isn’t governance by the Federal Reserve a dream?

Inflationary depression. Not just for the Third World anymore! By the way, its all your fault.

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