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Curioser & Curioser: Obama’s White House Blog!

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

You can tell a LOT about a blogger by the information, categories and links on their blog. Obama’s White House Blog is very telling in that regard as well.

It is the Agenda itself that is supremely of interest, in these days of economic collapse, impending depression, widespread and growing unemployment, layoffs, business closings both small and large, incredible numbers of home foreclosures and homelessness…

Yes, the President has his hands full and it wasn’t his fault.

To be SURE we know what his priorities are, we must look at his agenda as he has it categorized on his blog. Here is the list:


* Civil Rights
* Defense
* Disabilities
* Economy
* Education
* Energy & Environment
* Ethics
* Family
* Fiscal
* Foreign Policy
* Health Care
* Homeland Security
* Immigration
* Iraq
* Poverty
* Rural
* Seniors & Social Security
* Service
* Taxes
* Technology
* Urban Policy
* Veterans
* Women
* Additional Issues

Notice anything missing? Anything at all? Is there ANYTHING on this list that strikes you as, well, critically MISSING given the current free-fall of our economy?

What I noticed missing right away is BUSINESS. No Commerce, no Small Business, no Large Business, no Business Development…

Unless it comes under ‘additional issues.’

On the other hand, social issues are broken out very widely. There is ‘family,’ ‘seniors,’ ‘women,’ ‘civil rights,’ ‘immigration,’ and ‘disability.’

Nothing under ‘housing,’ ‘banking,’ or ‘Federal Reserve.’ No ‘agriculture.’

Aside from that, want to add some political pics to Flickr? Here’s quite the group!

Almost instantaneously after the swearing in ceremony, the section on women, with its new and radical pro-abortion stance, was posted on this new blog. Change indeed.

While the administration seems to intend to include everyone under its mantle, the prominent absence of business related issues, agriculture, banking, and the profound commitment to abortion is guaranteed to bring on a firestorm of controversy almost overnight.

This will certainly be an interesting blog to watch, and to watch for actions and deeds related to this new administration. A platform like that can only be one thing- divisive.


  matt vega wrote @

I am not at all conercerned or interested in anything Obama writes or says at this point . I will however occcasionally pay attention to what we are told that he does . As far as being able to tell alot about him from a blog goes , I think he’s way to careful as to how he presents himself to actually learn anything of substance . His actions will speak volumes regarding his actual philosophy and or socio-political agenda …..I think .

  unkLe_p wrote @

Thats so cool, everyone Obama actually works for is not on the list… explains his function quite well

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