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Stupid Pontifical by Melinda Beck

Obama's New Ashtray

Obama's New Ashtray

Melinda Beck, an opinionist for WSJ, has decided that her BEST advice for the new President is that he quit smoking.

Assuming that Melinda Beck is a female, and not a drag queen, she must be aware of the monthly mood-swings associated with menses. The extremes of mood swings with something so normal and regular are legendary.

Its surprising that she doesn’t take reality AS reality.

Our new President has just taken on an impending depression, illegal wars, a collapsing financial structure, and a hideous host of other problems, a warning by global leaders of a massive catastrophe tomorrow or the next day, and she wants him to


She wants the world leader, who’s got his hand on the button, who has been warned of a catastrope to meet or exceed 9/11 to happen in the next few days, who is in charge of a military in the midst of illegal and very violent wars, a military who performs torture, in charge of a government who has unconstitutional militias and international troops poised to quell all civil disturbance as food riots and unemployment riots break out…

and she wants him to go through the most difficult and mood-destroying process known to man, quitting smoking?


Someone ought to send him a case of his brand. He’s going to need them.


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