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Time for the People to Foreclose!

Greed & Economic Bubbles

Greed & Economic Bubbles

States are still spending with great profligacy, ignoring the pain every citizen is feeling from wanton greed, corruption, foreclosures, unemployment. As if we’re in the greatest of all boom times, they’re looking to YOU, the citizen, to increase your financial burdens so they don’t have to get spending under control.

The FEMA camps are all ready and waiting for YOU, you who may protest that the government is by the people and for the people, that you have the right to demand integrity and honesty from your government officials and bureaucrats.

Time for the American people to foreclose on their government bodies and their spending. Close the FEMA camps, governor’s mansions, cushy state-paid offices. Time to foreclose on corrupt city governments, blank-check government contracts, evil science grants, greedy bankers.

Time for everyone who receives government money to get a paycheck equal to the median income of every man, woman and child in the country. PERHAPS they will then be inspired to improve the living standards of the people instead of their cronies.

If we don’t foreclose, we’ll pay the price, and it won’t just be money


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