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What? A Deficit? We’re SHOCKED!!!

World Trade Center Bldg 7

World Trade Center Bldg 7

They gleeful purveyors of the blank & signed checkbook that was handed to President Bush are now STUNNED at the deficit projection this year.

NOW they’re talking about ROI (return on investment) of the GOVERNMENT sector…

“To justify any investment from the public sector, you need to demonstrate that the return on that investment will exceed the return if you left the money in the private sector,” said Sen. Jon Kyl (R) of Arizona, the Senate Republican whip, after the meeting.

I don’t need to go on with the most idiotic words coming out of political mouths in… well… days?!?

They were TOLD ages ago, told REPEATEDLY.

They couldn’t listen then and they won’t listen now.

Therefore, on to a corporate fascist government, one who OWNS YOU and finds it UNFEASIBLE for us to remain the United States of America- the ROI just won’t be good enough.

The collapse of America will be just like WTC 7.  For no external reason whatsoever.

Who knew that it would be THE prophetic element of the fall of the Constitution?


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Great blog… we talk about similar stuff, look forward to reading more!

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