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Learning the Hard Way: Massive Depression on Horizon

vampire fascism

Yes, only three little words separated America from its only remaining manufacturing, especially that done by the Big Three.

Over 3 million jobs, or perhaps more, will be lost.

All the retirement, all the health insurance, all the living wages for American families that are provided by the Big Three are nearly over.

There is NO INDUSTRY in line to replace ANY of it.

Perhaps we have to learn the hard way.  Giants that are too big to fail are also too big to save, unless they happen to have the designation “global bankers” who get a free lunch, free bonuses and free … whatever they want, without oversight or regulation of any kind.

But when the PEOPLE depend on an industry, well, no misery, no politicking, no harshness is sufficent to torture US, to destroy our lives, destroy our states, destroy our economies- all based on a sudden ‘principled-ness’ that rarely shows up any other time.

7 million people died during the last Great Depression.

The population was only in the arena of 55 million men, women and children.

Most of those people had their own farms and could grow their own food.

Most of those people had no debt of any kind.

Most of those people had money that was backed by gold.

Most of those people lived near other family members who could help and support each other during hard times.

Most of those people knew how to grow food, manage animals, sew, make fabrics, preserve food, and so forth.

All of those people still had constitutional rights.

None of those things are true this time around.

We have been lied to and manipulated at every turn.  Our apathy, our gullibleness, our arrogance blinded us to what was actually right before our eyes.  Our politicians ignored every expert that spoke up on behalf of the people.  They only had ears for the ones with the money… the ones who gain from this despicable turn of events.

The ones who engineered this catastrophic economy are now in charge around the world.

We’ll have to learn this lesson the hard way.

The really, really hard way.

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  Steven Streight aka Vaspers wrote @

What a thing to Twitter! That the people in the Depression were better off than we are now. It seems very likely.

You could also add: they were slimmer, healthier, and less neurotic. They had fewer addictions and time wasters, like worthless video games and dumbed down media.

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