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Nuking America? War Mongering & False Flag Destruction

Now our illustrious and traitorous FBI is disclosing that Bin Laden has 20 suitcase nukes, smuggled from the former Soviet Union and into America through the open border between America and Mexico.   They assert that THIS is the reason Ahmedinajad of Iran mocks us, saying that America will be bombed back into the stone age.

All this DESPITE THE FACT that BIN LADEN IS DEAD.  Benazir Bhutto paid the ultimate price for revealing that information to David Frost of the BBC, in an interview that was- astonishingly- never shown on American television.

Closing the border at Mexico has LONG been demanded of our government, by Americans, and has been an inexcusably ignored issue by our President, our Congress, and the Senate.  PURPOSELY ignored, it has become plain, especially when our Department of Homeland Security has been given BILLIONS of dollars to harrass, investigate, and monitor American citizens despite the Constitution.

Like 911 and the World Trade Centers; like Oklahoma City; like the very concerned people of Texas City Texas believe, like the Anthrax attacks; the truth of nukes in America will be that of another false flag operation, designed to crumble America’s and American’s power and grant global domination to… who?  Israel?  No, not Israel, but the Zionists within it.

With all the ‘intelligence’ our government has collected, with all the ‘intelligence’ that has been given priority of everything, including the rule of law, it is our government that is responsible for any nukes set off in America, directly responsible or indirectly.

Between McCain’s September Surprise of his coming exit from the Presidential race, the likely assassination of BO, and the return of a Hillary Clinton/ Mitt Romney presidential race, the truth is that we are UNLIKELY TO SEE A CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT.

Bush’s dearest wish, “As long as I’m the dictator,” is just about to be realized.  There is NO WAY Bush/Cheney will permit themselves to be charged with murder or treason.  There is NO WAY the global bankers are going to give up their power over the governments of the world.  There is NO WAY the Neo-Cons and their puppet media want to put global nuclear war on the back burner where it belongs.

The only way is to have a catastrophe so great, so devastating, that even the hypnotized American people are willing to give up all their rights, submit to a monstrous dictatorship, and give in to anything the dictators order.

I hope your souls are in order, readers, to meet your maker.  We are on the verge of a global destruction for the final realization of the ambitions of a few, and they’re willing to take down the planet and every person necessary, to accomplish their goals.



  Pam Van Houten wrote @

Right on! Right on the target! Right on the money! I’m another one of those poor unfortunates with a lot of prophetic dreams and visions. This week I’m sorry to say I’ve been seeing symbols of the end of the world, the omega. The greek omega symbol is a pictogram of a nuclear bomb explosion. McCain is going to start WWIII.
They’re going to bomb the Statue of Liberty.

I always hope for the best after really bad visions so I’m saying my prayers. Bush, Cheney, McCain all are like they’re demons or possessed by greedy power hungry demons or worse even, even darker souls of power, dragons, big bad nasty greedy dragons.

  Margaret wrote @

Pam, thank you for sharing the content of the dreams/ visions you are having. Since the email address isn’t working for some reason, if you read this, would you be so kind as to email me or comment further about the visions you are having and the content of them? Best regards, Margaret

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