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The Economic Plan of McCain: Screw YOU, YOU WHINERS

McCain doesn’t know any more about economics than he does about quantum physics. Indeed, in the state who has fallen farthest, has lost the most wealth, has lost the most citizens, has had its carcass picked clean by globalists, and the few remaining scraps the idiotic state government ‘sponsors’ are fighting over, McCain comes with a solution.


Since the Clinton Administration and their globalist agenda, right through to today, there is NO LONGER such a thing as ‘THE BIG THREE’, no longer anything like ‘BLUE CHIP STOCKS’ and no longer anything but increasing inflation, joblessness, homelessness and foreclosure.

As goes Michigan, so goes the rest of the states.

Henry Ford was right, workers need to be able to afford to buy cars for cars to sell.  That isn’t a MENTAL condition.

The globalists have done everything they can think of to siphon off wealth from companies, from labor, from any and every possible profitable enterprise and sucked them all up. Those they can’t suck up, like small farmers, small food manufacturers, the Amish they use their tools to drive them out of business with regulation and taxes.

Yes, there are a few good automobile manufacturers still remaining in the US. But, for THEM to survive, they need BUYERS.

With our government in the condition it is now, with the candidates we have now, you can be sure that this will ONLY GET WORSE, MUCH MUCH WORSE.

Especially with that attitude.  You think these people care?  No way.  They have their reassurances from the the globalists, they’ll have safe places to live, plenty of food- luxury even, all they need to do is sell the people down the river.  A true bargain for two waffle-irons that don’t know a thing about governance OR the Constitution.

None of these people, not McCain and DEFINITELY not Obama, know anything at all about economics. They have no idea whether or not the people are getting screwed (what, they didn’t notice?), they have no idea what is wrong, and they have no idea how to fix this catastrophic economic freight train that is really gaining momentum and weight.

But you can count on McCain, his advisors, and everyone else in the two parties to have NOTHING to say to any of you who lose everything you own, all your wealth, all your retirement, except for the compassionate words:



  Anthony wrote @

I’m starting to see a pattern. The last time the Dow/Gold ratio was around 11, the Federal Reserve bailed out Bear Stearns. Now, the Dow/Gold ratio is around 11 again, and the Federal Reserve might bail out Fannie May and Freddie Mac.

The Dow/Gold ratio is calculated by taking the Dow (at the moment just above 11,000) and dividing it by the price of one ounce of gold (currently around $950). It’s not a pure calculation since the Dow number isn’t a dollar. This puts the ratio at 11.5.

The higher the ratio, the more robust the Dow. The lower the ratio, the more robust gold.

The last time the Dow was at 11,000 was two years ago. At that time, gold was around $600, which put the ratio at over 18. So based on that, the Dow is weaker now as compared to two years ago.

  Margaret wrote @

Very interesting! Then it means that it isn’t our government running the show, doesn’t it?

Good eye, Anthony, thanks.

  daughterofliberty wrote @

Not our government? They gave the power to the private Federal Reserve Board, so technically I guess it isn’t. Nope, the Central Banks run the show. Sad commentary on the state of affairs.

  Margaret wrote @

Sadness will soon turn to true misery of the people, true suffering, true poverty that America has never seen before.

BUT we want an American Idol president- one that is president in paycheck ONLY.

What we NEED are American Statesmen that know what to do, can clean house, and a military that supports the Constitution and NOT the criminals in office and their puppet masters now.

  victory1project wrote @

I like your blog and I also supported Ron Paul. Check out video1productions videos on youtube. I recently posted an article including Jefferson’s comments at and clearly we must declare our independence. Part of that article says,
There is a great article on feedburner called America Is Homeless. I thought I should post the article and after a few days or so we will post this article in a new section. Now the article.

Congress? You Are Fired!

Our forefathers started with a Declaration of Independence. Jobs have been shipped overseas, regulations have stifled American productivity, prices have surged, unemployment increases, financial disasters , and all because Democrats and Republicans don’t serve the people anymore. Congress, you are fired and we declare our independence.

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