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Killing off America? Death to the GOP!!!

dead gop

dead gop

The left just doesn’t get it. Not everyone in America likes the Dominatrix Model of Fascism! The move to the left in both parties is so far, so extreme, that Bill Clinton is looking conservative! There are people who are being legally and financially punished for speaking out against the gay pride movement, where even our Christian heritage is being persecuted and schools becoming ‘gay recruitment farms’.

I used to not care much about the Gay Pride movement, my attitude was ‘do what you want, just keep it out of my face.’ I thought it was better to keep it away from children, for the same reason that I wouldn’t leave a very young girl alone with a man. What people did in their bedrooms was none of my business, and I preferred to keep it that way.

But, that’s NOT what happened.

How we ‘feminists’ fought workplace sexual harrassment! We came a very long way, and yet now we (and our children) are actually subjected, and BY LAW, to a much greater, much worse, form of sexual harrassment- LGBT, the laws they are getting passed, the infiltration of our public schools, the blatant public mockery of every single non-gay value.

Even the very words bring to mind sexual images that I really could do without, images that are frankly, mentally sexually abusive. Our children and grandchildren are subject to those images and ‘justifications’ at younger and younger ages, through television, internet and predation. We cannot even permit them to go to public schools if we prefer their minds to develop normally, without the bizarre mockery of human sexuality, family and religion that this movement forces upon us.

The extreme left doesn’t want us to just accept them as part of our society, they want to DOMINATE it, in a type of sadist/masochist relationship AND they want us to like it.


I saw a bumpersticker saying “if you tell me I cannot love, I’ll hate you forever.” No one is saying these people cannot love, but they know that. Its just one more ‘poor victim me’ dissimulation from the truth, an obfuscation designed to let people know that somebody’s feelings might get hurt.

But what of their ‘rights’? They have, and always have had, the same ‘rights’ to marry as anyone else has. For purposes of reproduction, no one can marry their father, brother, mother, sister, first cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparent, niece or nephew, or someone of the same sex.

What has been given to them is NEW rights; rights that no one wants or needs, that are unnecessary to accomplish what they say they want, that serves no benefit to bringing about future generations of Americans. Contract law, both corporate and civilian, would be sufficient to accomplish their goals.

And the GOP, including Schwarzenegger, has followed the Democratic lemmings, like Barak Obama, all headed off the cliff. They have given us John McCain- a candidate who cannot be trusted in any way, stands for NOTHING, and in all things important is just as limp-wristed as the gay pride McCain supporters he meets with clandestinely. This, probably because Christians STILL remember that McCain said they are the ‘agents of intolerance.‘ Not just pretty words, evidently. He NEEDS the gay vote.

So, McCain is fine with being an extremists’ extremist on the left, just as long as his handlers can make a convincing case that he’ll DO SOMETHING for, throw some pathetic bone to, the conservative side of America. As long as his infanticide position isn’t as extreme as Obama’s. Promoting his strong suit– war, and nuclear war at that! Promoting extremely damaging economic policies he knows NOTHING about. Continuing the same fascist policies, like the Patriot Act or FISA, of the Bush administration and participating full-tilt-boogie in destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


It really is way past time that the GOP died. It is happening, and like a suicidal maniac they seem to be doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to kill itself off.

Now there is an organized Conservative Rebellion. Vast numbers of Americans are READY to vote third party and intend to do so. We have terrific conservative candidates, like Chuck Baldwin and leaders like Ron Paul. We have, FINALLY, a DEMAND FOR REDRESS to hold our government accountable for repeatedly violating the law of the land, the Constitution of the United States.

If you, too, are sick of the games our politicians are playing I suggest you throw your cards in with these movements. Almost HALF of Americans will be voting third party, (and that’s from the neo-con mouthpiece, Fox!) in some states like Michigan the number is 70%. We want AMERICA back!

Fascists of ANY STRIPE BE WARNED: We will NOT let you take our country away from us.


  Rudy wrote @

Right or left, it doesn’t matter. We already know where Obama stands. So now McCain is “gay pride?” Maybe Rudy Giuliani can loan him his parade outfit. What the hell’s happened to the GOP ???????

They started promoting the “alternative family lifestyle” aka homosexual agenda to 3rd graders, years ago, in Massachusetts. Now the residents of MA are aghast because there’s a doctor at Boston Children’s Hospital who is prepping TEN YEAR OLDS for sex change operations. HELLOOOOOO????????

An interesting site I found is These are folks that are so far into the PARTY UNITY GUILT TRIP that they advocate having parties where everyone gets drunk so they have the guts to go to the polls and vote for McCain. And what about the Hillary supporters who hate Obama, but have conceded to vote for him since Hillary’s been rallying around him? Wouldn’t it be great if these folks would “vote their conscience,” we could FINALLY have a President who not only stands for family values, but is committed to preserving the Constitution and will save us from becoming a fascist police state?

You folks who vote for Obama or McCain deserve exactly what you’re going to get. And I’ll be the first to say “I told you so.”

  Anthony wrote @

It’d be fine with me if turd A won with 33.4%, turd B lost with 33.3%, and the total combined percentage of independent ended up being 33.3%. I’m not going to get stuck on “wasting” my vote at this point. Losing on principle is fine.

By the way, McCain = Bush.

  Diane wrote @

Margaret-I didn’t realize that gays already had the right to marry. Thanks for the enlightenment.

There is no lesser of two evils here. Each is evil in his own way. Obama supports infanticide, McCain makes jokes about murdering innocent civilians (Today, according to Reuters-“Presidential candidate John McCain, who once sang in jest about bombing Iran, on Tuesday reacted to a report of rising U.S. cigarette exports to the country (Iran) by saying it may be “a way of killing ‘em.”

Now why would I want to vote for anyone who takes murdering so lightly? And these are Christian” candidates? Whatever happened to “Thou shalt not kill.” Why would I not think that one of these men would turn on citizens of this country, including myself?

No thanks, it’s 3rd party for me all the way.

  Diane wrote @

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

  Trista wrote @

Diane, amen! The lesser of two evils is STILL evils.
All this “alternate lifestyle” crap, is one reason I now homeschool my kids.

  Trista wrote @

Where do I go on this page to subscribe to this blog? The print is small, and my eyes are just not seeing it.

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