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Desperate for Healing from an Abortion

Funeral for the Aborted

A barely-acknowledged fact of modern life is the damaged and wounded women who have had an abortion. Many women don’t realize the magnitude of the decision they have made until much, much later, and once they do, they suffer from it for years.

On June 27, I had the privilege of attending an extraordinary and beautiful mass/ funeral for the aborted unborn, found in a Dumpster in the Detroit Metro area, in the City of Livonia. This mass was held at Assumption Grotto in Detroit, and was attended by Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life.

Whether anyone else at the well-attended funeral knew it or not, there were women in attendance who, though not the mothers of those particular infants (as far as I know), were there to bury their aborted young ones along with these poor little ones, in spirit.

One of the women reported having serious repurcussions in the years since her abortion, serious anxiety and guilt problems, an inability to put that event to rest- not in her mind, not in her heart- not in her soul.

Having named her aborted child, along with all the other mourners, in a spirit of prayer and penitence, this lady offered to her Beloved Jesus the child, who through misinformation and difficulties, had sent that child to him an a much different way years earlier.

It was a beautiful and dignified send off for that little one, a beautiful resting place, a memorial, a sacred place where she could now lay him to rest. It was a restoration for her heart and soul, a chance to seek forgiveness, mercy and healing.

She was not the only one.

The magnitude of the fate of those little ones is enough to make anyone weep. We are all responsible to God for how our society treats ‘the least of these’ and cares for the ‘little ones.’

However, those little ones took with them to heaven healing, blessings and great love.

And they left some women in peace, in wholeness, in hope.



  Diane at Te Deum Laudamus wrote @

Dear Margaret,

God bless you for your coverage. You tell a side of the story so often neglected. I’ve heard stories of elderly women suffering through until their late years, feeling hopeless and despairing over their choice. No one can reach out better to these women than others who have gone through it and turned back fully to God.

I have never been pregnant, but I still empathize with the pain others suffer on account of that fatal choice. The sad part is, how many of them don’t even know why it is that they suffer.

God bless

  CM’Blog wrote @

Hi. I think abortion is such a sad thing. I only wish we were as forgiving as God. I’m looking to build up incoming links for my blog. Would you like to exchange blogroll links with me? If yes, please visit: and leave your URL there. The purpose of my blog is to generate debate on anything and everything that matters.

  asimplesinner wrote @

I was amazed to see this post featured so prominently on the wordpress dashboard.

These times they are a changin’, eh? 10-15 years ago, anyone who had the audacity to suggest abortion lead to mental anguish and health problems would have been rebuked as a “religous zealot/nut-job” – the Sexual Revoultionaries would NOT allow anyone to even suggest it.

Maybe we are reaching a more rational phase in the debate, as enough of the walking wounded are out there and coming forward.

  Dr. Headly wrote @

Thank you for sharing this story. So often we get so wrapped up in our anger and ire over someone’s decisions toward abortion that we forget the consequences that they have to deal with as a result of that tragic poor decision. My wife and I have never even considered abortion, but we have suffered through two miscarriages and can see a little of the mental and emotional anguish that these women must go through.

Again, thank you

  lena wrote @

much like everyone else who has commented before me, i feel as though this is an important topic for society and should be featured more prominently as a part of women’s health.

your article is absolutely beautiful.

  jt wrote @

just don”t eat anybody 😉

  Margaret wrote @

jt, that’s China’s way, to eat their unborn as ‘health food’- a side effect from the ‘miraculous’ embryonic stem cell propaganda. Hopefully that won’t begin here.

  civ4freak wrote @

Stop abortion now!

  Janice wrote @

Thank you for this wonderful article Margaret. This is the side of abortion that seems to go unnoticed; never talked about.

Many years ago when I was young I made a terrible choice. I lived in a world of denial of the guilt and remorse for many years, until the wall of denial could no longer protect me. The feelings were devastating, and although I knew my Lord forgave me, the pain never went away.

I am so blessed to have been able to attend this service for the baby boy I have missed all these years. He finally got the memorial service that he deserved. Thank you for inviting me, it was the healing experience I’ve needed for so long.

So many women have no idea the profound effect their choice will have on them in the years to come. I only wish there had been no abortion clinics to run to at the time. Thank you for writing about this; hopefully it will be seen, and have an influence, on other women contemplating which choice to make.

  Janice wrote @

If you, or any woman you know of who is suffering from the emotional pain of having an abortion, please visit the website below. It can help you heal from the wounds of your past. And most importantly–you are not alone!

May God’s love and mercy comfort you.

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