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Google Trends: New For Websites in Google Labs & Webmaster Tools API

Google Trends is such a useful tool- for political purposes, research, analysis, there simply isn’t anything that can touch it, given the billions of hits per day that Google documents.

Now Google has expanded this terrific service to websites, and though it is still in the labs phase, there is high hope that it will be enormous help to people to determine the popularity and relevancy of competing sites.

IF your site, or sites you are interested in even show up yet, and that’s a big if, there could be great help for people’s movements, political action, monitoring performance of issues, that we just never had before.

Google Labs is working very hard to keep up with the changing world, what is important, what is meaningful, what is working and what isn’t. All of us who are concerned with the ‘trends’ we are all affected by may gain a lot by learning how to use these terrific tools.

I suggest that you compare what the mainstream media, the various polls, and the various claims made by political parties and politicians are to what Google Trends shows.

You may be surprised at what you see. The truth, the social needs, the issues that concern people may be VERY DIFFERENT from the propaganda out there. You may actually find arenas where you and your groups can make a huge impact for the least effort.

A second development within Google that will help all you new political groups out there is the Google Webmaster Tools API. Especially in this difficult year, all the new Ron Paul and Liberty websites really need all the tools and whiz bang stuff they can get. Google has released the Webmaster Tools API that I believe all of us should be looking at and taking very seriously.

Google says the first phase of integrating third party applications consists of:

  • Managing Sites
  • Retrieve a list of your sites in Webmaster Tools
  • Add your sites to Webmaster Tools
  • Verify your sites in Webmaster Tools
  • Remove your sites from Webmaster Tools
  • Working with Sitemaps
  • Retrieve a list of your submitted Sitemaps
  • Add Sitemaps to Webmaster Tools
  • Remove Sitemaps from Webmaster Tools
  • Taking your new sites, working with these new tools and applications will put you ahead of the stodgy competition and media misinformation. It will help your websites and put you in touch with new applications that can expand your outreach.
    Be sure to take a good look! Success in our activities means making the best use of whatever we can find!


    Congress Speeding Up the Economic Collapse

    money chimp

    Congress’ continual spending of money that we don’t have is only speeding up the economic collapse predicted with certainty by the global banks and causing Bernanke to actually panic.

    Blank check signing for the vastly overbloated and wasted military spending bill, but ONLY if they add tens of billions more for their pet projects. America’s NEEDS are being traded back and forth just to leverage spending for things most Americans are against, don’t need, and are proven wasteful.

    Making matters worse, of course, they don’t even know what they actually want or need, meaning that the billions spent on the Department of Homeland Security is nearly ALL wasted, with almost nothing being accomplished, except for making sure the Constitution is being gutted more and more.

    As long as THEY get what they want, what do they care if YOU have anything but misery?

    Either further deflate the value of the dollar, or see if CHINA will pay more. I mean, why not give China rights to all of our property- we don’t need it, do we?

    War Mongering Barak Obama? Nukes for AIPAC?


    Antiwar people had high hopes for Barak Obama, and due to the over-influence of AIPAC on our policies, Obama crumpled like a McDonald’s wrapper and promised extreme measures of our American Government on AIPAC’s behalf.

    AIPAC was Obama’s FIRST STOP after getting the nomination.

    IT is a HUGE FLIP, based on his promises of ending war.

    And his namesake, Barak, indicates Israel will WAIT on talks with its neighbors, until next year, after the elections, evidently when they REALLY have some muscle to bargain with.

    He’s promising to go after Iran- something Israel could do itself if it so chose. Let’s be clear here- Iran has done NOTHING to us to justify a nuclear attack against them.

    If we nuke Iran we have committed a horrifying crime against God, against humanity, against the planet.

    He’s promising Israel ANOTHER 30 billion dollars for their defense- almost none of the investment we’ve made in them up to now has been spent. We spend, AND we do their defending. A double-whammy.

    Now we are told our economy WILL COLLAPSE within three months and he’s promising Israel TENS OF BILLIONS MORE?

    There it is. We build up their defense, bankrupting ourselves, and then spend at least that much more defending THEM. We create a GLOBAL WAR, all for Israel?

    Once we’re bankrupt, they will STILL have all we gave them. They won’t be coming to OUR defense, you can be sure.

    What do American interests have to do with AIPAC’s? Only this: they can buy and sell our politicians. By doing so they can threaten the free world, they can spend OUR money any way they like, they can tamper with our elections and they can make EVERY American interest answer to them.

    Time for America to rid itself of the leach called AIPAC. Its bleeding us to death.

    American interests and AIPAC interests have TOTALLY diverged. The case for their similarity is pathetically inadequate to justify ANY of this. Furthermore, WHY SHOULD ANY AMERICAN POLITICIAN be running to them? Shouldn’t AIPAC wait on our politicians like everyone else?

    Its time for REAL STATESMEN who KNOW the truth about our country, what we’re really facing, what’s actually happening, and what will ACTUALLY work to help us. No more AIPAC puppets. There are altogether too many of those in our government now.

    These aren’t kids games, here. These aren’t issues American Idol can solve. These are dangerous, TREACHEROUS, and REQUIRE COURAGE, INTELLIGENCE, AND EXPERIENCE.

    Waffling and pussy-footing will take America DOWN. There are all too many people that would LOVE to see that.

    Experts: Economic Collapse within 3 Months- Ron Paul was Right

    bernanke in panic

    Despite what our politicians are telling us, experts in other lands have issued the warning: Economic collapse within three months.

    The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the next three months as inflation paralyses the major central banks.

    “A very nasty period is soon to be upon us – be prepared,” said Bob Janjuah, the bank’s credit strategist.

    A very nasty period indeed.

    Ron Paul was right. Globalization, according to Janjuah, the Royal Bank’s credit strategist.:

    Globalisation was always going to risk putting G7 bankers into a dangerous corner at some point. We have got to that point,” he said.

    Federal Reserve:

    US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank both face a Hobson’s choice as workers start to lose their jobs in earnest and lenders cut off credit.

    The authorities cannot respond with easy money because oil and food costs continue to push headline inflation to levels that are unsettling the markets. “The ugly spoiler is that we may need to see much lower global growth in order to get lower inflation,” he said.

    The Fed is in panic mode. The massive credibility chasms down which the Fed and maybe even the ECB will plummet when they fail to hike rates in the face of higher inflation will combine to give us a big sell-off in risky assets,” he said.

    The collapse of the dollar:

    Just as then, the dollar has plummeted far enough to cause worldwide alarm. In August 1992 it fell to 1.35 against the Deutsche Mark: this time it has fallen even further to the equivalent of 1.25. It is potentially worse for Europe this time because the yen and yuan have also fallen to near record lows. So has sterling.

    Inflationary Depression is nearly upon us. Ron Paul was right, and he is being proven out in the most dire of ways. The Fed will save the banks like Morgan Stanley and Lehman, EVEN AT THE EXPENSE OF THE AMERICAN ECONOMY.

    Our government is NOT our friend, even with ‘representatives’ of the people, since they have been bought and sold like cattle.

    Brace yourselves, people. About 7 million died because of the last Great Depression. That was without a war, without martial law, without China being a well-armed enemy threatening war.

    George Bush, Bin Laden & the Legacy that Wasn’t

    w00t! George Bush has ordered up ‘special forces’ to go after Bin Laden, all to be sure that ‘before he leaves office’ (IF he leaves office, a very big ‘if’), he will have a ‘legacy.’

    As Mr Bush arrived in Britain today on the final leg of his eight-day farewell tour of Europe, defence and intelligence sources in Washington and London confirmed that a renewed hunt was on for the leader of the September 11 attacks. “If he [Bush] can say he has killed Saddam Hussein and captured Bin Laden, he can claim to have left the world a safer place,” said a US intelligence source.

    Not only is he ordering up special forces, he expects the BRITISH special forces to offer up their lives for this, perhaps giving them an equally impressive ‘bone’ in the war on terror, making the world a safer place too, since they were almost the only allies America had in this fight.

    Its necessary to change the focus, isn’t it, from THIS legacy:

    The truth is that senior officials in the United States government sought information on aggressive techniques, twisted the law to create the appearance of their legality, and authorized their use against detainees. In the process, they damaged our ability to collect intelligence that could save lives.”

    Impeachment, torture, criminal charges, the gutting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights just doesn’t cut it.

    This, of course, MUST be spun. It wouldn’t be politics if this wasn’t spun SOMEHOW:

    Apparently, an industry the very essence of which is to try to convince people that a turkey is really an eagle has a rule that condemns lying.

    The Public Relations Society of America states: “We adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth in advancing the interests of those we represent…” This clause strikes me as if the Burglars Association of America had as its creed “Thou Shalt Not Steal.”

    Show me a PR person who is “accurate” and “truthful,” and I’ll show you a PR person who is unemployed.

    The reason companies or governments hire oodles of PR people is because PR people are trained to be slickly untruthful or half-truthful. Misinformation and disinformation are the coin of the realm, and it has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican.

    But what, exactly, is the spin? That the truth about Bin Laden cost a Democratically elected individual her life, her being assassinated within days of this interview 6 months ago, where she reveals that not only was Bin Laden killed, but the name of the man who killed him:

    Benazir Bhutto died for this interview. Now, who, exactly, was it that KILLED HER??? Couldn’t be just coincidence, could it?

    On the other hand, if our intelligence is in such bad shape that our President doesn’t know that Bin Laden is dead, then what the hell are we paying for? David Frost found out something HE didn’t know??? That the British Government didn’t know???

    If power DOES change hands; if Diebold gives the election to McCain; we can see the most extensive list of pardons in American history!

    McCain can’t win on his own. Obama will take it all, except for third party voters. Therefore, if McCain wins it will be because the powers-that-be never want the truth to see the light of day. Go GOP.

    Abuse as Social Contract #1: Inflation Numbers 4.2% & Human Sacrifice

    destruction of the dollar

    As if we didn’t notice all by ourselves, we are told by the media that ‘inflation is getting uglier and uglier.’

    The also tell us that inflation is 4.2% and THIS is how they arrive at that number. You see if YOU can work the figures out.

    The index for fuel oil rose 10.4% in May (2007) and soared 64% over the 12 months. The gasoline index rose 5.7% in May and surged 20.8% on a year-over-year basis. The index for natural gas rose 5.6% in May, and was up 16.5% over the last year.

    Tossing us a bone, we are told:

    “These (CPI) numbers are nowhere near to what we’re seeing in the real world,” said Peter Beutel, energy analyst for Cameron Hanover, who believed the “real” cost of living has increased at a higher rate than the index shows. “But even these diluted numbers are showing that inflation is getting uglier and uglier and uglier.

    I say that we are being ABUSED.

    Bernanke hoped his statements to the global bankers would shore up the value of the dollar. Funny how that works, only NOW do lies not actually translate into confidence.

    Bernanke devoted most of his speech to a candid review of what he doesn’t know. He isn’t really sure of the effect of commodity prices and rising wages on inflation, and “there is much we do not understand about inflation expectations”. Not much reassurance there for those who think the Fed chairman’s hand is firmly on the tiller, steering the economy between the twin shoals of inflation and recession.

    The gods want human sacrifice in retribution for the boom period.

    According to Roben Farzed of Business Week, about Lehman Brothers MASSIVE losses:

    Wall Street is a merciless place. And it almost helps to use the angry god imagery of old Aztec lore. At the end of every boom cycle, the gods are very angry. And not only do they want layoffs, but assets and entire firms to be sacrificed, kind of as retribution and as indication of the creative destruction.

    My guess is, they just didn’t get enough wealth off of YOUR back.

    With Katrina STILL in catastrophe mode, STILL vulnerable to more storms, tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands of people STILL unable to come home, have a home to come to; with Iowa flooded nearly from stem to stern and FEMA and DHS nowhere to be found; with 1 out of 100 homes being foreclosed upon; the Federal Reserve JUST HAS TO SAVE THE CRIMINAL BANKERS FIRST, last and always.

    There is NOTHING for you, out of YOUR TAX DOLLARS, except further losses. Oh, and that pittance of a loaner ‘refund’ to you that didn’t even cover the increased costs of your gasoline this past year.

    About that miraculous boost in your income they say:

    All this adds up to an economy that is treading water but not sinking. The stimulus checks have given the economy added strength, but when that temporary boost wears off, its ability to stay afloat will depend on an easing of petrol prices, a recovery of house prices and sales, continued recapitalisation of the banks, and consumers’ willingness to continue spending, which in turn will depend on a strengthening labour market.

    The social contract Americans have with the Federal Reserve is that they will manage the money, and the economy, well. For the benefit of AMERICA and AMERICANS. This ‘trust’ provided the opening for opportunists of all types to take advantage, with the added abuse and insult of our own ‘representatives’ giving this PRIVATE CORPORATION even more power and control over the entire economy of America. Our ‘representatives’ only make the matter worse, diverting blame for their own incompetency, focusing on things that make no difference at all, and IGNORING the few who REALLY DO know economics and can resolve the situation.

    Job losses are extreme, with as we know, at least another 52,000 major jobs being lost in the near future, but this is what we are told:

    Payrolls sink in February, fueling recession anxiety. Unemployment rate declines, but that’s because there are fewer people in the workforce. (???)

    Where did those people go? Died of exposure?

    and in the same article this:

    There was a net loss of 63,000 jobs, which is the biggest decline since March 2003 and weaker than the revised 22,000 jobs lost in January. Economists had forecast a gain of 25,000 jobs.

    Yes, the new social contract in every respect is abuse. In politics, in society, in economics Americans are being used, abused, lied to, sucked dry, and tossed out in the streets. While we pay taxes like never before in history, our people get no help when disaster strikes. We cannot get health care. We cannot even get the truth.

    What will happen to YOUR life when oil is $250 a barrel, meaning that your money is worth about half of what it is now, while the costs for EVERYTHING go up another 64%?- pardon me, 4.2%?

    It would be a disaster for all the oil-importing countries, all the democracies and China,” says James Woolsey, the vice-president of consultant Booz Allen & Hamilton.

    “And it would be hugely beneficial for the many monarchies and dictatorships that are the main suppliers.”

    Some investors are already betting on Mr Miller’s forecast.

    However at US$ 250 a barrel, “there would be a massive shutdown of companies”, says Carlos Mattei, procurement vice-president for glassmaker Vitro SAB.

    And big companies would be nationalised.

    The absolute bottom line of inflationary depression. All unnecessary. All to make a few incredibly rich. Is that NOT abusive?

    Death of the GOP: Only a catastrophe can save McCain!

    Here’s an interesting study by the Barna Group.

    Basically it says that the ONLY thing that can save America from an Obama presidency is a catastrophe.

    Aside from the fact that a catastrophe won’t save us from a Bush Administration either, it is interesting to note that even EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS are STILL voting for Obama despite his HUMAN SACRIFICE level of dedication to abortion and eliminating unwanted children.

    Christian hypocrisy at its worst, second only to the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement seemingly to back McCain- a man with NO true commitment to any particular position on life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

    The fact is that America has degenerated so far that either one of these totally corrupted candidates is touted as a viable option for the most powerful position in the world.

    America, in general, has lost its mind.

    Everything we have or will ever have rests on the statemanship and expertise of our politicians, but that’s not what WE get, not what our parties WANT to give us.

    God save America. He’s the only one who can- Americans aren’t even trying.

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