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Google Trends: New For Websites in Google Labs & Webmaster Tools API

Google Trends is such a useful tool- for political purposes, research, analysis, there simply isn’t anything that can touch it, given the billions of hits per day that Google documents.

Now Google has expanded this terrific service to websites, and though it is still in the labs phase, there is high hope that it will be enormous help to people to determine the popularity and relevancy of competing sites.

IF your site, or sites you are interested in even show up yet, and that’s a big if, there could be great help for people’s movements, political action, monitoring performance of issues, that we just never had before.

Google Labs is working very hard to keep up with the changing world, what is important, what is meaningful, what is working and what isn’t. All of us who are concerned with the ‘trends’ we are all affected by may gain a lot by learning how to use these terrific tools.

I suggest that you compare what the mainstream media, the various polls, and the various claims made by political parties and politicians are to what Google Trends shows.

You may be surprised at what you see. The truth, the social needs, the issues that concern people may be VERY DIFFERENT from the propaganda out there. You may actually find arenas where you and your groups can make a huge impact for the least effort.

A second development within Google that will help all you new political groups out there is the Google Webmaster Tools API. Especially in this difficult year, all the new Ron Paul and Liberty websites really need all the tools and whiz bang stuff they can get. Google has released the Webmaster Tools API that I believe all of us should be looking at and taking very seriously.

Google says the first phase of integrating third party applications consists of:

  • Managing Sites
  • Retrieve a list of your sites in Webmaster Tools
  • Add your sites to Webmaster Tools
  • Verify your sites in Webmaster Tools
  • Remove your sites from Webmaster Tools
  • Working with Sitemaps
  • Retrieve a list of your submitted Sitemaps
  • Add Sitemaps to Webmaster Tools
  • Remove Sitemaps from Webmaster Tools
  • Taking your new sites, working with these new tools and applications will put you ahead of the stodgy competition and media misinformation. It will help your websites and put you in touch with new applications that can expand your outreach.
    Be sure to take a good look! Success in our activities means making the best use of whatever we can find!


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