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Death of the GOP: Only a catastrophe can save McCain!

Here’s an interesting study by the Barna Group.

Basically it says that the ONLY thing that can save America from an Obama presidency is a catastrophe.

Aside from the fact that a catastrophe won’t save us from a Bush Administration either, it is interesting to note that even EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS are STILL voting for Obama despite his HUMAN SACRIFICE level of dedication to abortion and eliminating unwanted children.

Christian hypocrisy at its worst, second only to the hypocrisy of the pro-life movement seemingly to back McCain- a man with NO true commitment to any particular position on life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.

The fact is that America has degenerated so far that either one of these totally corrupted candidates is touted as a viable option for the most powerful position in the world.

America, in general, has lost its mind.

Everything we have or will ever have rests on the statemanship and expertise of our politicians, but that’s not what WE get, not what our parties WANT to give us.

God save America. He’s the only one who can- Americans aren’t even trying.

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