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McCain Courting Conservative Independents? You Gave us less than NOTHING.


Interesting how politics relies so heavily on the language of romance and fantasy to get its ‘point’ across.

In the world of ‘courting’ one expects the beau to at least show up with flowers.

In the case of the GOP, McCain and his puppet-masters, who are now ‘aggressively courting’ us-independents, conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists, Ron Paul supporters; well -they gave us less than nothing. They slapped us around. They betrayed us. They stabbed us in the back. They demand allegiance to the UN government. They made their own citizens enemies of their government. They insulted us. They ignored us and our reasonable requests. They despised our young people. They lied TO us. They lied ABOUT us. They stole from us. They stole our Constitution. They stole our Bill of Rights. They stole our votes. They stole our delegates. They stole our air time. They lied to take our kids off to war. They gave us torture as an approved legal technique. They lied to make their war-monger buddies rich. They stole and squandered our tax money. They break the very laws they write. They defamed our reputations, ridiculed and mocked our BEDROCK American values, our energy, diligence, hard work and all our investment. They STEAL elections if they can’t earn them honestly. Unfortunately, the list goes on and on.

We’ve been through this before, of course. Pro-life causes got treated the same way. Christian causes got treated the same way. We WATCHED the GOP rape and pillage those two important groups. We learned.

We need more proof than those saps did- we can’t live on hope in your lies.

So, you come here to us because you NEED what we have, you NEED us, you expect us to MARRY you?

If you’re not here for us when we NEED you, what the hell do we need YOU for?


You BET you need us. You need us FAR MORE than we need you. Any of you could all flush the country down the same toilet as Bush, there is no discernible difference between ANY of you. Vote for you, vote for him, NO DIFFERENCE. So, aside from all that abuse, what HAVE you done for any of us lately?

Any self respecting father would toss a boyfriend out on his ear that came around treating his daughter like that and then expecting more.

What you give us in exchange for our votes is … what… the THREAT that if we don’t back you, Barak Hussein Obama will be the next president?

We told you that all along- GOP, give us a GOOD candidate or we’ll be looking at a Hillary or Obama presidency.

But you didn’t listen, you didn’t care enough to take care of business at the right time, you wanted to use that argument to FORCE us where we didn’t want to go.

You ABUSED US for the last time.

Not this time, pal. You made your bed with the Hillary supporters, now you lie with them.

We’re off to find some REAL men.



  Rudy wrote @

This reminds me of a couple of weeks ago on a neocon site where people were leaving comments, and many were (are you ready for this)?! blaming the Ron Paul supporters for an Obama presidency. The party unity guilt trip, and that’s exactly what it is, a freaking guilt trip. As if ANY Ron Paul CONSERVATIVE would vote for a LIBERAL like McCain. To the GOP and your whining about party unity, all I can say is “YOU nominated a liberal in a CONSERVATIVE party. YOU made your beds, now YOU go cry in it.”

  Margaret wrote @

Yes, Rudy, everybody’s fault but their own. Last I heard, that was a perfect definition of a psychopath!

Well, they always have the Billary voters, don’t they?

[…] Mudac Political Blog wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMcCain Courting Independents? You Gave us less than NOTHING. June 11, 2008 at 12:30 pm · Filed under Politics and tagged: barak obama, constitutionalists, courting independent voters, libertarian, mccain, presidential politics, ron paul Interesting how politics relies so heavily on the language of romance and fantasy to get its ‘point’ across. In the world of ‘courting’ one expects the beau to at least show up with flowers. In the case of the GOP, McCain and his puppet-masters, who are no […]

  Diane wrote @

Thank God we have some honest, Constitutionalist-minded third party candidates running. McWarmonger can court all he wants but it’s a wayyyyyy lost cause. » Blog Archive » truthseeds 06/11/08 wrote @

[…] McCain Courting Independents? You Gave us less than NOTHING […]

  Mike wrote @

Excellent. The only flaw I can see is when you say “They break the very laws they write.” Should they be ashamed? It’s not exactly congruent, but I’m reminded of an Arthur Silber essay, It’s called the ruling class because it rules.

To Diane, when you say “Thank God we have some honest, Constitutionalist-minded third party candidates running,” I do hope you’re not taking the third-party teddybear to bed at night. If third parties actually mattered in US politics, you can be quite certain they would be shot or disappeared.

  Margaret wrote @

Mike, perhaps, but the law McCain broke was the McCain Feingold Act, which he wrote for himself and his fellow politicians. When the FEC Chairman decided to hold McCain to that law, Bush terminated him and gave McCain a blank check to continue to break the law that was meant for politicians like him.

However, you can bet that they’ll institute the other part of that law against the citizens who disagree and protest policies, regardless of whether the politicians are law breaking or law abiding.

  kenny griffin wrote @

Why sign

This Presidential election, we must be heard above the choices we’re being force-fed.

The GOP continues to disregard Republican principles with a “Party Unity” slate that’s pushing a pro-war, economically illiterate, big-government presumptive nominee.

The media ignores the strong support of a candidate that would reduce government, cut spending, restore the Constitution, bring our troops home, defend against enemies both foreign and domestic, and make America great again; the true definition of “Republican”.

This candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, officially suspended his Presidential campaign, but started the Campaign for Liberty (, to be launched with a rally on September 2nd in Minneapolis.

We must send a clear message that we’re tired of being given two evils to choose from. We want Real Choice, Real Change, and Restoration of Liberty.

Join 10,000 others, and sign the Letter to the GOP at today!

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