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What will the Military Do once it KNOWS the truth?

“I pledge to defend the Constitution against ALL ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC

The MSM has buried all truth and marginalize those who insist on it… this is no different.

Who are their puppet masters, and who will be brought to JUSTICE?

What will the military do as the truth- and the THIRTY FIVE CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF comes out?

Of course, according to all-too-many, the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a ball and chain that simply doesn’t apply anymore. The plan is to bury it in the JUDICIARY committee- the committee RESPONSIBLE for the law!

Our ‘representatives’ refuse to sacrifice their politics to uphold the rule of law.

Did YOU vote on THAT? I never did…

At some point the military will NEED to decide who’s side it is really on- the side of the Constitution- the law of the land- or of whatever dictator will make the best use of the anti-Constitutional ‘laws’ and executive orders the parties don’t want to give up.

When the military finally decides who’s side they’re really on, THAT’S when we’ll know if there is HOPE FOR AMERICA, or if she is lost altogether.

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  Diane wrote @

You go Mark! As for Pete the Puppet, I wonder who paid him to tell those lies. A couple weeks ago I sat down on a bench outside a store and a young soldier sat down next to me. Long story short–he told me he enlisted to do his “patriotic duty to preserve our freedom.” Then he said he could probably get disciplinary action for telling me what he was about to say: Once he got over there he learned that he was just a pawn in “Bush’s war.” For lack of space I won’t get into the specifics but he knows the truth, as well as do his buddies. He said things are worse in Iraq now than they were when we first invaded them. I don’t know who Pete the Puppet has talked to, probably one of his imaginary little friends that he mistook for Marines. And BTW, this unnamed soldier supports Ron Paul, NOT Obama; seems the word’s out over there what kind of “change” he’ll bring about.

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