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MSM Treason: Burying Impeachment like it buried Ron Paul

Well, as far as the powers-that-be are concerned, their burying of Ron Paul and his candidacy was so successful that they intend to do the same with the impeachment that has begun.

This is the ONLY thing I’ve been able to find so far that even resembles mainstream media coverage, as pathetic as this happens to be.

It occurs to me that every single one of them, and everyone who works for them, who owns them and who influences them should also be investigated for TREASON.

Gone are the days where a lapse on a tape drove a President out of office- the lapse of the Mainstream Media ought to drive them out of business.

I hope it does.

We can overcome MSM by printing out and distributing to EVERYONE, EVERY SINGLE SOUL WE KNOW, the true information about the impeachment proceedings and the THIRTY FIVE ARTICLES!!!

Thirty Five is a BIG number!

In the meantime, all internets need to contact EVERY advertiser of the mainstream media outlets and inform them that unless and until there is GENUINE coverage of the impeachment proceedings, all their products will be BOYCOTTED globally, and if they don’t change the minds of msm shortly, they will PERMANENTLY lose our business.

Time to take THIS in hand- it is much too important to ignore, to let go, to allow to be bypassed, like the attempt to impeach Dick Cheney was.

We’re learning who the friends of America are and who they aren’t. Let’s not forget that lesson.


  Rudy wrote @

No, no media coverage. It’s election year and would they REALLY want to do anything to hurt the campaign of the anointed one, the one who will carry out Bush’s third term? Can’t you just hear it now? “Senator McAnal, what do you think of the charges of impeachment? Do you agree with them? We know you’re like twins, is this the kind of behavior we could expect of you if you were elected?”

OK, it’s my fantasy, let me enjoy it.

Keith Olbermann of MSNBC didn’t ignore it, in fact he expounded on it, as to be expected. He also mentioned that there was absolutely no media coverage but bit his tongue as to why. We’ll see what the news brings tomorrow…

  Marlin wrote @

Nothing in the news today about it. But there is some good news floating around, Ron Paul is holding his own convention just a few blocks from the GOP convention.

Maybe it will be hard for the state controllled media to ignore this.

  msm wrote @

[…] his candidacy was so successful that they intend to do the same with the impeachment that has begun. Meter. School of MedicineMorehouse School of Medicine, […]

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