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Wealth Migration Means New World Energy Order

Solve the energy crisis Ron Paul’s way, or go with the ‘flow.’

Massive mis- and dis- information about energy, oil supplies, demand and a serious distortion in the market in favor of the few who profit mightily off the industry, now we discover that there are some very diabolical intentions behind this ‘crisis.’

Wealth migration from the developed West into the developing East is one of five reasons given to create a New World Energy Order.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global energy sector is evolving into a “new world energy order” whereby demand and supply equations are changing and new active players are emerging in the international arena.

Of course, no global dictatorship could ever truly take power unless and until it had total control of all energy supplies, including but not limited to oil.

Here is one major reason, perhaps the thing we have corporate America to thank most for…

A steady migration of power and wealth from energy-deficit to energy-surplus nations: The transfer of wealth alone is already mind-boggling. The oil-exporting countries collected an estimated US$970bil from the importing countries in 2006, and the take for 2007, when finally calculated, is expected to be far higher.

It is also probably the basis for the drumbeats of nuclear war against Iran and other Middle Eastern Nations- all of whom, holding vast quantities of oil, have standing between a global dictatorship and all the means of controlling the people of the world.

No amount of ass-kissing by a Saudi Prince or King can do a thing if the global bankers decide to nuke you if you don’t cooperate.

A growing risk of conflict: Throughout history, major shifts in power have normally been accompanied by violence – in some cases, protracted violent upheavals.

Yes, American taxpaying citizens, you are giving up your children, your liberties and your protections of Constitutional law, giving up your moral basis for diplomacy, giving up your jobs, your productivity, your homes, your financial security, all in order to let the bankers RUN THE SHOW.

Let’s just keep voting the bastards in, shall we?


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