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Impeachment FIRST: Treason Next, Please?

Dennis Kucinich has FINALLY been able to file 35 articles (Full Text Here) of impeachment against George W. Bush. This tide is best when Cheney is washed away in its undertow!

The most blatantly anti-Constitutional, anti-American administration in history has really GOT to be dealt with in an historical and memorable manner- a warning to ANYONE that your OATH OF OFFICE is NOT NEGOTIABLE to the people you ‘serve.’

Not only is it WAY PAST TIME, in my estimation, it is time to consider ALL the so-called ‘representatives’ service in light of the Constitution and filing articles of impeachment against ALL of them who have violated their oaths of office. It should include the preposterous and idiotic charade playing Supreme Court who plays games with the clear directives of the Bill of Rights and Constitution- as an example it approves of torture because it isn’t ‘punishment’ for any conviction of a crime.

Aside from this LONG OVERDUE procedure, PLEASE, next begin investigation of the current administration, staff, and so-called ‘representatives’ for TREASON. Don’t stop with this pathetic batch, either, but the investigation needs to go back at LEAST two decades.

Fascism is impending and the latest annointed ‘candidates’ will do nothing to stop it. Lawbreaking and criminality, corruption and glad-handing have been proven. Therefore every influential individual that affects our governance needs to be investigated and charged with treason wherever it is found. Corporate fascists? Treason. NAFTA promoters? Treason. Election fraud? Treason. Federal Reserve employees advising China and other countries to dump the American dollar? Treason. Taxpayer bailouts of purposely criminal global bankers? Treason. Crooks and liars getting wealthy off the misery and war killing people and destroying American young people’s lives and futures? Treason. Clandestine operations designed to keep the war machine all too busy and all too profitable? Treason. Sell-out of America’s top secret nuclear technologies for personal gain? Treason. Puppet-diplomacy to keep the Middle East in turmoil ON PURPOSE? Treason.

Repeal or void the Patriot Act and all other anti-Constitutional laws, and void all Executive Orders that violate the Constitution of the United States or the Bill of Rights.

All this could easily be accomplished by using funds wasted on the war on Iraq.

Time to END the influence of agendas- such as AIPAC, CFR, UN, EU and so many more, on the direction our government takes, and time to end the palm greasing and behind the scenes pressure on our American government.

LONG overdue.

Recall the laws of physics: A body in motion is MUCH easier to keep in motion…

Download the impeachment documents and print out- give it to EVERYONE YOU KNOW.  Clearly already the mainstream media is BURYING the story- it isn’t even breaking news on CNN, FOX, or any other outlet!!!

((Since the video I had posted disappeared and is unable to be embedded, I have changed it to this one))



  scott wrote @

Yep, it’s about time.

  Jonathan Trenn wrote @

OK,so just what is a “corporate fascist”?

  Margaret wrote @

Corporate fascist? Federal Reserve, or the Military Industrial Complex, Blackwater… I’m sure we can think of a long laundry list!

  Jonathan Trenn wrote @

You mentioned an institution (the Federeal Reserve), a concept (the Military Industrial Complex) and a company (Blackwater).

What specifically is “corporate fascism”? Your using a phrase to label activity. Waht specific activity qualifies as being corporate fascism?

  Volpeculus wrote @


OK,so just what is a “corporate fascist”?

One who uses the State’s power for their own ends rather than earn money through honest effort.

  Volpeculus wrote @

Oh, and more specifically, a corporate entity (note: each and every corporation must receive a charter from the State) that uses its leverage to overrule the People’s lawmaking authority.

  Rudy wrote @

Go to, and on the right click on “articles of impeachment” and that should answer a lot of questions.

You’re right–LONG OVERDUE and Bush should only be the beginning, but it’s a great start. If this isn’t done, the powers that be will keep up the pace and we’ll eventually end up like Nazi Germany. Think it couldn’t happen HERE? Neither did they.

  Jonathan Trenn wrote @

Sorry, had to head off to bed. Was exhausted. Just got up.

I’m always leery of the word “fascism”…I think Mussolini.

Then there is fine line between a corporation owning up to its fiduciary duties and corporate fascism. Exxon comes to mind.

I would add that, given your scenario, practically any interest group that seeks to influence legislation has the potential of being fascist-like.

Very interesting blog you have here.

  Anna Janek wrote @

The video is no loger there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Volpeculus wrote @


I would add that, given your scenario, practically any interest group that seeks to influence legislation has the potential of being fascist-like.

Hey, what can I say? I’m a libertarian 😉 .

  Margaret wrote @

Proper libertarian capitalism is no danger to anyone and has been a desirable and very productive thing for America. It is when it turns from Constitutional principles and begins to influence government and policies, which we have seen happen, that it gets dangerous. And yes, think Mussolini, Hitler etc. I have created a hardblog page about it which I hope clearly shows where the danger lies.

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