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Life Or Death Without the Constitution and Rule of Law

What difference does it make to have governance without the Constitution? For some people it makes the difference between being permitted to die with dignity, or being killed in the most painful way possible.

The Constitution GUARANTEES the RIGHT to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This BELONGS to every person in America and no law is supposed to supercede that.

In the case of Terri Schaivo, and now Lauren Richardson, there is NO LONGER a Constitutional protection for their very lives.

If the Constitution were in force, there would need to be a HUGE amount of VERIFIABLE information that Terri Schaivo and Lauren Richardson were abdicating that most basic of rights.  There was absolutely NONE of that in the Schaivo case, and there is NONE of that in the Richardson case, either.

Because the Constitution is no longer in effect, these women are now dependent on lawyers making ‘better arguments’ with philosophy and ethics, in front of judges that have their own ‘opinions’ and are no longer bound by law or evidence.

Barak Obama proclaimed loud and long that the WORST MISTAKE HE EVER MADE IN HIS LIFE was advocating for Terri Schaivo’s RIGHT as an American Citizen, to her life.

John McCain has decided to take on ‘evil’, but ignores the great evil taking place in his own country, and the oath of office he will be taking (and has taken) to uphold and defend the Constitution. Ignores the GREAT EVIL that means not only our lives are no longer sacred to our own country, but that we NO LONGER HAVE A RULE OF LAW.

It is beside the point that Lauren’s own mother has no compassion on her daughter and her condition, that she has no interest in putting her convenience aside to hope that Lauren, a beautiful young woman, can recover some of her very precious life, and perhaps even participate in raising her baby.

Without the solid basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we are ALL at risk of being declared ‘undesirable’ and ‘worthy of death,’ all at risk of being denied food and water because it is too costly, time consuming, or inconvenient for someone else.

Justice Antonin Scalia declares that torture, by our own government, is NOT cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, his reasoning being is that the victim isn’t being PUNISHED for anything.

That can be said of both Lauren Richardson AND Terri Schaivo. Terri died a torturous death; Lauren is at risk of going down that same road, but it isn’t ‘cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT, because neither of these women have done something WRONG.’

This is the foothold eugenics needs to begin to bear some really hideous fruit.

NO set of LAWS that our representatives or judges are obliged to uphold any longer, means that any one of us can be treated in the most horrible of ways as long as we’ve done nothing wrongful enough to be PUNISHED.

The representatives and our judges have VIOLATED their oaths of office and people are dying horrible, torturous deaths with no end on sight.

Is this REALLY satisfactory to you? Do YOU want to die that way?



  Diane wrote @

Death and torture in the “land of the free.” How far we’ve gone, in such a terrible direction. As a ten-year old child, I remember going with my parents to prophecy seminars, depicting how in the last days of earth’s history that Christians would be tortured to force them to take the Mark of the Beast, and killed if they didn’t give in. I remember asking my parents in disbelief, “How could something like that possibly happen in this country?” There’s no question in my mind now. Yes, how times have changed.

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