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Taking BACK Our Government

Thanks to Bill, a commenter below, I am now aware of this fabulous website Taking Back Washington.

This is ONE MORE TOOL in the citizen’s toolbox, helping us gather, organize, expose and identify all the critical issues, blockades, and anti-constitutional actions and people in the country.

We have had our birthright STOLEN from us by ‘behind the scenes’ puppetmasters.

THEY have been the ones who decide who is poor and who is rich.  They’ve decided who influences our country, our policies both foreign and domestic; they’ve decided which businesses will succeed and fail; who will keep their jobs or lose them; who will own a home and who will lose the one they have; who will farm and who will not; what kind of medical care you will receive and who will receive it; who will have social equality and who will remain oppressed.

If we want our country back, we have to get SERIOUS.

There is NO OTHER ISSUE SO IMPORTANT.  Everything else we can, as a people, deal with and do it well.

We’re making headway and it isn’t going to be easy- now that they HAVE taken power, gutted the Constitution, planted their puppets everywhere from the Supreme Court to the local dog catcher; we have the fight of our lives on our hands.

Will our forefathers be proud of us, or will they weep, from heaven, at our stupidity and laziness?

God bless America.


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