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Bizarre MSM Math: Ron Paul In Front of Delegates!

While the mainstream media still plays its bizarre math games, can’t seem to add 1 to 3 to get 4 candidates, the people are achieving what the puppet-masters have been using every dirty trick in the book to avoid:

Ron Paul is NOW a legitimate choice for delegates in Indiana!

Ron Paul can’t be hidden from those ‘voters’ any longer, thanks to the incredible hard work and tenacity of the Ron Paul people campaigning FOR him.

“For an ideological conservative, Ron Paul is much closer to the old-time Republican conservative” than McCain or the party’s current president, Wright said. Paul favors abolition of the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Reserve and some other federal departments, for example. By contrast, George W. Bush “is a big-government conservative,” Wright said.”

The media still play with the math – as if the ‘people’ EVER had a chance to choose the delegates;  and per normal deny their responsibility in suppressing his message to the voters, another continuous deception and political trick they accuse RP supporters of.

Congratulations on a job EXTREMELY WELL DONE!  It isn’t over until its OVER, and God willing, we’ll be in for a Ron Paul presidency DESPITE the global puppet masters that are cannibalizing America.


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