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Hannity to Ron Paul: The Constitution Doesn’t Work Anymore…

“The world has been reconfigured…. so we are naive”



  hannity wrote @

[…] so much that the Constitution won’t work for America anymore. What’s the alternative? Fascism? – Sean Hannity – BioSean hannity joined the FOX News Channel FNC in September 1996 as […]

  Clumpy wrote @

It’s interesting to see a neo-conservative and a real conservative (constitutionalist) spar. Neocons are so used to fighting liberals that they’re off their guard when faced with constitutionalists.

Hannity thinks that Ronald Reagan is an old-time Republican. If Reagan hadn’t been such a nice guy he’d be remembered as one of the most wasteful Presidents in history. He catapulted the government and military complex to the point it is now.

  Clumpy wrote @

On a related note, it’s funny to listen to Sean get bored whenever any context or perspective is discussed. He starts mumbling and sounds like he’s falling asleep.

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