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Bush Is Getting Ready to Take his Dictatorship

Heil Bush

There was a day when simply a gap in a tape, a clearly erased attempt at a cover-up, was enough to impeach a president or force him to resign. Richard Nixon was known as Tricky Dick, no one trusted him with the power the office of Presidency when he was so blatantly ignoring the Constitution, our rights, and the interests of the people.

Now, George W Bush is able to make jokes about lying to the public, about Dick Cheney covering over papers of illegal activity; joked about how he likes a dictatorship ‘as long as I’m the dictator.’ Any ONE of those ‘jokes’ would have landed Nixon in PRISON. Investigative reporters would have been ALL OVER that and the directions it could have taken them.

He just hasn’t cared that he is a ‘lame duck’ President, because he knows he ISN’T ONE. He hasn’t cared if we make fun of his wooden speaking style, his word games, his obtuse ‘ignorance’ at worthy questioning.

Our country and our liberties are at stake, our Constitution is GONE and we are in genuine danger of a military state that can disappear YOU and YOUR CHILDREN, and THIS is what we get from our professional journalists, especially one that calls themselves a ‘sleuth’?

Despite all the billions spent on ‘national security’- all WASTED with this next announcement, all the incompetence and brute force of the private enforcement militias and global ‘terrorism’ investigations and pursuit of terrorists… we get this…

The ‘President’ is announcing his warning, of an impending terrorist incident,a round-about way, that we will not make it to the election.

This is his style. We should be used to it by now.

Like the woman who is dating a man who reveals he is incapable of loving her, we are incredibly stupid if we ignore this. In his own way, like that date, he has told us.

We are already SUICIDAL: without rights, without the Constitution; citizens are already illegally investigated, illegally policed by private militias; already illegally taxed; already suffering from private banker’s economic policies; citizens are ALREADY ENEMIES OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.

Two things only are left. The REAL ID, and a Republicrat excuse to declare Martial Law. Then it is over.

This is a MUST SEE video. Watch it and weep.


  Rudy wrote @

Lady Liberty is crying, and so am I.

  EuroYank wrote @

Washington, You’re Fired one version removed same version found at this link …

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