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Ron Paul R3VOLutionaries say: Could you be any MORE IGNORANT, NEVADA GOP???

dead gop

In a STUNNING upset, Ron Paul R3volutionaries took the Nevada GOP, so thoroughly that the PARTY WALKED OUT despite the CLEAR desires of the PEOPLE it is supposed to represent. The answers you’ve given us are pure blather. NO MORE.

ANYONE that says the election process represents the ‘will of the people’ has had their head buried in television.

This NEEDS to be said:

GOP- YOU NEED the Ron Paul R3volutionaries. You don’t get to ignore us, you don’t get to get ‘out of it.’ The R3volution is REAL. It has begun, is isn’t going to stop until we get our country BACK.

Work with us. Otherwise, it is entirely predictable what will happen.

Your local elections will be TAKEN by Ron Paul people, who are now not only participating in politics, but ENERGIZED by your idiocy and infuriated by your ARROGANCE.

State elections- in the face of a clearly FASCIST and TRAITOROUS national Republican party, States rights will become ever more important. EVERY STATE ELECTION will be FORCED to deal with Ron Paul people from NOW ON.

Given the corruption of the GOP at the very top, r3volutionaries, who accept reality, will be doing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to loosen your grip on power; remove your ‘plants’ and expose and PROSECUTE your corruption.

You had a chance to cooperate with the young, the energetic, the creative, the high tech internets, the people of the NEW AMERICA, and YOU CHOSE A SMACKDOWN instead.

You COULD have had an incredible NEW BASE of support that would have taken down all competitors but instead you CHOSE YOUR CORRUPT BUSINESS AS USUAL, kowtowing to your ONE WORLD MASTERS.

In every community, in every neighborhood, in every county and city, in every STATE, the r3volutionaries are AT WORK- hard work, dedicated work, to save our country from YOU and those like you in the other party.

It isn’t ABOUT RON PAUL anymore, and it isn’t about YOU, either!

The country HAS BEEN ABOUT THE PEOPLE until YOU greased your palms with filthy money.

Those days are just about over. Ron Paul or no Ron Paul, YOU HAVE MADE SOME SERIOUSLY BAD MOVES.

Give the country back easily or make us TAKE IT BACK.

We KNOW- your puppet-masters are on the verge of declaring martial law and FINALLY taking our Constitution away. It isn’t going to work. We are telling you NOW.

Understand, the country ISN’T YOURS TO KEEP. It NEVER was. It belongs to the People, and the People are claiming their own whether you like it or not.

The days of the two parties are NUMBERED. Praise God. Edit: Couldn’t be just COINCIDENCE, could it???



  Rudy wrote @

I just love hearing reports of the well-organized Ron Paul Patriots walking into conventions, following the rules, and taking over while the McCainites sit there and go “Duhhh, what’s happening here?” Party unity? Not in a million years. Fascist GOP, your days are numbered and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

  Justin Yanalunas wrote @

I got an email from the Ron Paul campaign today, regarding becoming a precinct delegate. I, along with other Ron Paul supporters, WILL take over the MI convention!! The Old Guard best be ready for change!

  what is a volute wrote @

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