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Battle of the Blogs: Saving the American Constitution

battle of the blogs

The fight for America is of CRITICAL importance, not only for Americans but also for the world.

Things have been manipulated, the people have been duped, stupefied, drugged and transformed into something ineffectual and in far greater danger than they can imagine.

News outlets have let us down, having been terrorized by the Military Anthrax attack and we cannot count on them, or their truth-telling any longer.

We must make do. We MUST find new ways to expose the truth, expose the dangers we are all in.

We must bring all the viewpoints to the table that we can, examine what we know, examine what we suspect, examine what we fear. Only in this way can the people come to realize the truth of our times, the truth of what is at stake, the truth of what is at risk.

Many people are trying. Institutions we used to be able to rely on are now nothing more than puppets over an unseen hand. There are websites, blogs, videos, viral sites- all are trying to do their part.

It is an uphill battle, isn’t it? Taking people’s attention off of their manipulation boxes and into the real world? Sounds much like the Matrix, and it is.

So, here we come to it, the latest effort- the Battle of the Blogs.

EuroYank has begun this battle, and I’ve thrown my own gloves into the ring. If you want to also, consider this your invitation.

We’re calling all FREE PEOPLE out on the carpet. Make your position and your facts KNOWN.


  Caoimhin wrote @

You’re right Margaret! We need an idea pool of critical thinkers, an information system to substitute for the main-stream-media when it fails, and a broadcast outlet to disseminate other versions of reality that cannot be corrupted. The Internet seems like the logical solution; but, from what I see it is still a very fragmented medium. There are many like-minded people out there but no rallying point! Any ideas? 🙂

  Margaret wrote @

I tend to think that it is the fragmentation of the internet that has ‘rescued us’ from most attempts at control. We see that China, for example, has done much to control what its population sees or has available on the internet, along with other governments, but that it is impossible to contain it if the pieces are all over the place.

I suggest a wide series of ‘rallying points’ that would be difficult for any legislation to control, by any country.

I also suggest hackers quit trying to show off and start actually performing their activities in the interest of the people instead of the corporations and governments. Such talent used in the interests of the people, from all over the world, where ever there are computers and geniuses that know how to use them, would be a huge protection for liberty instead of an excuse to limit it.

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