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Hideous Biological Threat on Our Shores Courtesy of DHS

Dept Homeland Security

An enterprising person doing the Rense Twitter feed dug up this TOTALLY IGNORED blog post on Plum Island.

I have noticed the change in the media since the anthrax attack, and Plum Island is the facility which deals in biological materials like that.

It gets much worse.

DHS wants to turn it into a ‘Bio Agra Defense Facility’.

It will be dealing with some of the most dangerous biological agents known to man, and is open to working with, and experimenting with worse- ebola (hemorragic fever viruses), weaponized anthrax, small pox, and etc.

The facility was evidently the source of a variety of diseases that had never before been in America, such as Lyme Disease.

Wastewater issues and other ‘insecurities’ mean releases into the environment and other serious hazards are not only possible but LIKELY.

There is a terrifying litany of accidents.

Here’s a partial example, quoted directly “August 18, 1991 – Category 3 Hurricane Bob hits Plum Island knocking down overhead power lines connecting Lab 257 to its only remaining source of electricity, a generator at another location on the island. Freezers containing virus samples defrost, air seals on lab doors are breached, and animal holding room vents fail. The lab’s ‘fail-safe’ mechanism of ‘air dampers’ to seal off the facility also fail in the open position. Melted virus samples mix with infected animal waste on the floor while swarms of mosquitoes fill the facility.”

Do we even want to THINK about security lapses, like those of our military industrial and nuclear secrets?

If there was EVER a terrorist target, this would be IT.

Read the entire post.



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