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Continental Driver’s License Issued: New Era for Americans

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Whether you want it or not, shortly every country on the North American hemisphere will have access and information about YOU, an American Citizen.

Ron Paul is RIGHT. NAFTA, and the North American Union is REAL.

The very first such license has been issued in North Carolina!

“Marge Howell, spokeswoman for the North Carolina DMV, told the press that the state was embedding a hologram of North America on the back of their new driver’s licenses. “It’s a security element that eventually will be on the back of every driver’s license in North America,” Howell said.

“The goal is of the North American hologram,” Howell explained, “is to get one common element that law enforcement throughout the continent can look at on all driver’s licenses and tell that the driver’s license is an official document.”

The chip hologram is based on the logo above.

This is, of course, a much better solution than enforcing the laws that are already on the books- much better to make enemies and suspects of every American, than to genuinely CLOSE THE BORDERS to illegal immigration, or follow up on expired VISAs.

The North American Union is HERE already, and the only ones that don’t know it are the citizens. Radio chipped drivers licenses, being fought in 38 states by opposed citizens, are still being foisted on us in the same clandestine way that the roots of weeds take hold in your garden no matter what you do.

Soon we’ll wake up in a very different country we went to sleep in the night before….



  Svetoslav wrote @

Privacy becomes and issue, but there are pluses. Despite sometimes I’m a bit worried about my privacy I can see the good side of it. What is the next step personal RFID tags for humans to go mainstream?

  Margaret wrote @

The problem is we’ll lose our American sovereignty in this process, as well as our Constitutional rights. Why should ANY government besides the US have access to our personal information? What does citizenship and losing our constitutional rights for this new hyper-government, that we’ve never even voted on, get we Americans? What CAN they give us that is better than what we inherited already, the Bill of Rights?

For a little bit of ‘safety’ we are trading away our freedoms to a government we know nothing about, since it has been developed in secret. They have NO obligation to the Constitution.

  Rudy wrote @

All right, come out, come out, wherever you are all you NAU deniers. Is the picture getting clearer? Are the walls of denial beginning to break down or are we still a bunch of conspiracy nuts? Need more proof? Just stay tuned to this channel. Although you may not be able to since the NAU will erase our US Constitution along with our freedom of speech. God help us all.

  drivers license wrote @

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