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This was Fun! I was Interviewed!

Developing counties and their people are working hard to catch up with technologies, and Pakistan is no different.  The owner of a peace and justice blog in Pakistan, Ghazala Khan, contacted me because I’m a blogger, and asked to interview me about blogging.

You can see the interview with me here at the Pakistani Spectator, and you may want to take a look at the other bloggers Mr. Khan has interviewed, not to mention the articles about the Pakistani people.  They definitely have their challenges- every day and ahead of them.

Just as I encourage everyone to get out there and vote, I also like to encourage everyone to blog.  People all over the world are alarmed at the direction governance and foreign affairs are taking- we all need to get out there and talk to each other about it.

Blogging is an excellent way to get that conversation among the people going.  There are very few others left for us to use!

If it was up to the powers-that-be, we’d all be enslaved or dead already.  We have to keep them at bay by any means possible!


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