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Fascism #5: GOP Power-Grab Against Ron Paul Delegates Illegally

Fascism is rearing its ugly head again. They don’t even bother to hide it anymore. Both parties are ABOVE the law and they are showing their hand before the election even arrives.

Ron Paul delegates were ‘ousted’ in a heinous power-grab in Texas, by the GOP who didn’t want a repeat of other instances of the people taking back the power that belongs to them by right and by inheritance.

As I mentioned in another recent post, they won’t give away ANY SCRAP OF POWER WITHOUT A FIGHT.

Naomi Wolf felt that simply contacting representatives and filing petitions was no longer enough, NOT IF WE TRULY WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK. We are running out of time.

She also said that as we fight back, things will escalate. We must also escalate our efforts and push back. If we refuse to be crushed, we cannot be, but BE SURE THEY WILL TRY.

As we loosen their grip on power in the small things, they will tighten their grip at the next level.

Understand, American People, THIS WILL NOT BE EASY and, ultimately, it will probably cost lives.

Even while we are entering into the two parties in a participatory way, we MUST do everything possible to weaken them and their hold on the political process. We must do everything possible to use the courts, the political process, the alternate media, foot-soldiering, in order to take them on at all levels.

How is it possible that something like this can happen without the media SCREAMING all over the place?

They terrorized the media and put sock puppets in place of true journalists. We saw it happen. There was nothing we could do. The military industrial complex is going for it.  They are behind MUCH of what we see now.

Both parties are involved in this, both parties are supporting this, except for the occasional politician that they view as a non-threat.

Ron Paul can’t save us, but he has clarified the issues, the means by which the power-grab was made possible (by money changers, massive corporate conglomerates, government debt). He has shone the light on the only path we can go down if we want this beautiful American experiment to continue through time and history.

We will have to do this ourselves. Therefore it is time to take it VERY SERIOUSLY, think about what their next moves will be, what our opposing strategies must be, what can be done clandestinely and HOW, and make our own plans.


Freedom is a condition of the human spirit. It always has been, it always will be. It is the spirit of humanity that is at stake in every dictatorship. Power for power’s sake is purely a spiritual thrill for those seeking it.

Therefore, bring your spirit to the fight. If you believe in God- PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY.

Pray that their power will be loosened. INTEND for this to happen. Pray that their failures will make it more and more difficult for them to keep their hold. Pray that their actions return on them and so poison their souls that they can’t even look in the mirror without seeing how evil they have become.

Pray that the people will receive inspiration to solve these problems, to break the death grip of evil over them.

Pray deliverance prayers before you go into any political meeting that is dominated by one party or the other.

Remember: “oppose the devil and he will flee from you.” The God-given Spirit of Freedom is, in truth, the only thing that will take down the Spirit of blood-lust, evil, slavery.


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