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Corporate Executive Stupefaction

Business gurus are always telling the executive ‘types’ to think ‘out of the box.’

Combined with blind arrogance and an all-too-overblown sense of ego, our corporate executives have gorged on the stupefacient idea of ‘potential’ and are diving headlong into their own ruin.

Perhaps its no loss. Except they’ve been taking their own country down with them.

Stupefaction is defined as ‘a feeling of stupefied astonishment.’ Our Corporate Executives have permitted the idea of the incredible potential market in China to stupefy their intellect.

Here is the best example in the recent news: “I say this internally all the time, but the company that gets China right is going to be the dominant player for the next 25 years,” GM Chief Executive Rick Wagoner said at the Beijing Auto Show.”

The evidence of stupefaction? How, exactly, does one ‘get China right?’

How does ANYONE, no matter how ‘smart’ make THAT monster work?

Only by ignoring reality can these idiots hope to do this.

Let’s start thinking ‘back in the box‘ of REALITY, of current events and remind ourselves of some history.

The REALITY is that China is Communist. There are NO RIGHTS available for anyone, no rights for business, no rights to ownership. Only a moron would think that they could ‘outsmart’ dictatorial power. Only a moron ignores recent history in that respect:

Venezuela NATIONALIZED the OIL. He has nationalized other industries.

Russia NATIONALIZED oil AND the nuclear industry.

China is developing its OWN automobile industry, which the government is more committed to than to seeing American corporations taking all the profits and the glory.

China has issued many warnings. Only the hopelessly mesmerized ignore them.

They have formed strange partnerships with those who have NO LOVE for the west.

They are playing war games.

American executives, in hot pursuit of the imaginary potential of China, for the purposes of greed, have gutted American manufacturing, and for some bizarre reason, expect the rights of the Constitution to follow them to China. By gutting and impoverishing America itself, they have endangered the very rights that permitted their corporation to grow and provide a living for many, for decades.

How will America rebuild its industry when all the facilities have been shipped overseas? How can America rebuild its wealth when our executives have sold every American asset to foreigners in the interest of their own wallets?

They haven’t cared for their own country, preferring instead to transfer all the wealth and wealth-generating industries to enemies, thinking that somehow they themselves will ‘get it right’ where nobody else ever has.

They are, at the profoundest level, traitors. They haven’t even noticed yet. Because they are stupefied, they’ve ignored what everyone has told them. Now- We’re told that ‘pride comes before a fall.’ Too bad all of America has to fall with these idiots. They deserve to take the brunt of the fall all by themselves.


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