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Season of Political Fear: They Don’t Care that They Don’t Care

It is nothing new that politicians go to the rust belt states telling the people that things will turn around. Telling them that the economic benefits of shipping off manufacturing facilities are MUCH greater than leaving them here. Telling the people that tax cuts to the rich, the ones that exported their jobs, was the way to increase the productivity and economic benefits to their local economies.

Don’t like it? Then, that makes you bitter, from a ‘back water,’ you are ‘un-cosmopolitan,’ a ‘gun-toting possum-eating’ hillbilly with a ‘mindless attachment‘ to the Bible.

When you don’t like that EITHER, you’ll have a FRIEND in the competitor who learned ‘gun-toting possum eating from their toothless corncob smoking bible thumping grampa RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD.’ See? They UNDERSTAND! They’re JUST LIKE YOU!

The third candidate comes along, snickers scornfully, gives out some blather about turning the economy totally over to the ones who have destroyed things already, says ‘vote for me so you don’t have to vote for the other two morons,’ and leaves for better fund-raising opportunities than YOU can give him. After all, he’s broken the campaign finance laws that HE WROTE, and his campaign is in an financial pickle. He needs money and YOU don’t have any.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the staffers of these people and others from D.C. Soon after arrival, they have told me, in SHOCK, “These people KNOW WHO THE PRESIDENT IS!!!”

Until Americans understand that D.C. and its people that are running the show DO NOT CARE about you, do not care about what you have been through, do not care about what you are going through, do not care what is coming at you, do NOT care about the LAW (read Constitution); and they DON’T CARE THAT THEY DON’T CARE, then Americans will REMAIN DISEMPOWERED in a governing system that was ORIGINALLY DESIGNED TO REPRESENT YOU- no matter WHO you are.

In DC, they think you don’t know who the president even is, let alone the veep, or any other politician. They think that foreign policy is a fog to you, even when it is your son or daughter that came home in a body bag or maimed by horrendous wounds, for the policies of their parties. They think you don’t know what the word ‘economy’ means and therefore there is NO SENSE in discussing this with you. They think that you’ll buy ANY BLATHER that comes out of their mouths and, if they NEED your vote (doubtful now that Diebold is in charge of the election tallies), their handlers will think of SOME hot button words to swing your vote their way. It doesn’t matter to them.

The ONLY candidate that DOES know about economics and the dreadful policies that have IMPOVERISHED you, the ONLY candidate that DOES understand that the government, BY LAW, represents YOU and NOT global interests, is not even acknowledged by the parties or by the television they own and you watch.

You don’t even know there’s a solution this election season. They don’t WANT you to know.

The two parties DO NOT CARE about you. They also don’t care that they don’t care. They never will as long as this corrupted and artificial system remains in place. They’re sucking, bleeding YOU dry and all you earn for that is their scorn.

They are ready to take POWERREAL POWER– over you, your property, your children and the country. Both parties have put in place ALL THE LEGISLATION THEY NEED FOR A DICTATORSHIP, all that is needed now is to choose WHICH DICTATOR and which party will support them.

The ONLY guy who isn’t ‘running for dictator’ is the one they’ve discredited, inflamed, called his supporters crazy lunatic fringe people; the ONLY one who understands economics sufficiently to get America through the mess the two parties have created they want to make sure you either never hear about or FEAR TO ELECT.

THIS IS THE SEASON OF POLITICAL FEAR so you will give away everything you don’t need to give.

Try your hand with $3 Trillion bucks

Ron Paul for President.



  rickwolff wrote @

I knew there was something I liked about you!
The politicians can’t care anywhere near to the degree they say they will, because their posts were not designed to permit them to care. Those who promise they care beyond that Constitutional boundary are either unfamiliar with it or know it only too well.

  Rudy wrote @

Not only do they not care that they don’t care, they’re LAUGHING at us for putting up with the tyranny that is enslaving us. MUST SEE:

Fortunately there are enough of us who have been awakened to their corruption and have vowed to take our country back. I truly believe what Chuck Baldwin said in his article “Are We Headed for Jericho?”

could become a reality, a very not-so-pretty picture that unfortunately may have to become reality, but worth the price of freedom.

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