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Aggressively Pro-Recession Michigan Government

It isn’t an accident that Michigan’s economy is one of the worst in the country right now. Both parties have exerted themselves HEAVILY against the taxpayers and citizens, increasing their own pay, increasing the state budget, increasing taxes and fees, huge increases in state employee pay, increasing entitlements and programs that benefit certain interests and INTERNATIONAL super-power agencies like the UN.

Even though the taxation, employment policies and size of government have DRIVEN over 400,000 citizens from the state in the last year, DRIVEN hundreds of thousands of jobs elsewhere, they are squeezing the remaining citizens to the point where they can no longer survive.

Can this just be ignorance? Dumb-blonde politics?

A state EMPTIED of its vocal and voting citizens, those born and bred in Michigan, those who love and appreciate the state as it is; without them, it is NOT difficult to wrest control from those who remain.

There are ASSETS in Michigan that global interests REALLY, REALLY WANT.

Like what?

Fresh water. Michigan is surrounded on 4 sides with the largest, cleanest fresh water in the world. At a time when our desert ‘allies’ cannot provide enough fresh water to their populace, even though oil policies have made them rich beyond all imagining.

The Middle Eastern population in Michigan is GROWING, they are NOT LEAVING like the rest. A large and rapidly growing voter base who’s hearts lie elsewhere. They already get tax breaks for 7 years after coming here- tax breaks the black community has complained about for years.

An informed, tax-paying, Michigan loyal, Michigan loving, voting population WILL NOT permit the Great Lakes to be emptied for international corporate purposes. Therefore, they must be FORCED OUT.

The ‘representatives’ are forcing. If corporate interests pull this off, America will be changed FOREVER.

It ALSO means there is a LOT more to the Katrina disaster story than we know.

Who the hell do the politicians REALLY represent?

You tell me.



  Diane wrote @

What Don Harrold is saying is absolutely true. I’ve been signed up for google alerts on global food shortage. Problem is, it’s going to be hitting our own country soon. Just a few days ago Bush sent $200M to help with the overseas food crisis. Who’s going to help we the people when it hits this country? Start stocking up on non-perishables, folks. It’s coming and you won’t get a warning in the MSM. You’ll find out when you take your grocery list to the store and the shelves are empty.

  michigan cd wrote @

[…] Government: MichiganIf they don’t lay down and take the international agenda, FORCE THEM OUT. 2003 Michigan Codes – Page 12003 michigan Rehabilitation Code for Existing Buildings 3550S03MI, […]

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