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Iraq Vets Demand Bush/Cheney Surrender as Criminals


Iraq War Veterans of our U.S. Military have STOOD UP for the Constitution and DEMANDED that Bush and Cheney SURRENDER themselves to the PEOPLE as the War Criminals they ARE!

They seized the National Archives Building and read the people’s charges.

The democrats REFUSE to impeach- WHY? Who are THEY representing???
This foreign and domestic policy must END NOW before the country is destroyed.
If our so-called representatives won’t help us, we HAVE TO DO THIS OURSELVES.

Our military is courageous and true to their country- they deserve and need all our support!

God Bless these Iraq War Veterans!



  Jana Murray wrote @

Thanks for alerting us on twitter. We must stand up and say enough is enough!

[…] rb.trends wrote an interesting post today on Iraq Vets Demand Bush/Cheney Surrender as CriminalsHere’s a quick excerptIraq War Veterans of our U.S. Military have STOOD UP for the Constitution and DEMANDED that Bush and Cheney SURRENDER themselves to the PEOPLE as the… […]

  Rudy wrote @

  ryan wrote @

watch the CNN clip w/ the British guy. We determine how the people in Iraq will live for the next 50 yrs. Ya it’s a living hell either way but which of the evils is less?

every death is tragic but every death with no cause or consideration for Iraq is just as criminal as being there in the first place.

We add our politics so often before we remeber each soldier can leave w/ a dishonorable discharge. They can walk away but they don’t.
Figure that out then say your opinion

  Margaret wrote @

Illegal war is always an injustice. Why should vets have to leave with a ‘dishonorable’ discharge, especially if they decide to follow their conscience? The Iraqi people had NOTHING to do with 9/11 or terrorism, they have a RIGHT to decide their own destiny. We are NOT improving their lives by staying there. I think the day is coming when, for military people, their oath to protect and defend the US against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, will be seen as the primary motive for service, and those who feel their service is NOT fulfilling that oath, or even violating it, will want to leave with an HONORABLE discharge and well they should! Why should America import troops to ‘defend’ ourselves at home, with foreign troops who state their willingness to fire on American citizens- troops that are NOT obligated to our Constitution and take no oath of loyalty to American citizens? I have lost ENOUGH loved ones to illegal and undeclared wars that did nothing but enrich the already wealthy and cause untold suffering, enriching them at the expense of American taxpayers and American families. If I lose them because they are ACTUALLY protecting and defending America and her citizens that is one thing. To lose them to military/ industrial /oil/ world government people is ENTIRELY another matter. Soon we’ll be told the troops have to stay away because there aren’t enough jobs for them here in the states- they’ve all been shipped off to other lands. Its outrageous and, yes, I’m outraged at the senseless human costs and suffering of the innocent over it.

  BillyWarhol wrote @


  i am vet wrote @

[…] ago by the United States, he s Vets DEMAND Surrender of Bush/Cheney as War CriminalsAt the National Archives, Iraq Vets issued a ‘People’s Arrest’ against Bush/Cheney for war crimes, […]

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