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Taking DOWN McCain: EVERYONE’S Best Interest

Is it a surprise to ANYONE except the corrupt GOP that McCain MUST go down in flames? For all the party strong-arm tactics and complaints, no reasonable human being WANTS McCain for President, the man that ‘makes Dick Cheney look like Gandi.” In an era when politicians feel and act as though they are above the law, is it any surprise that McCain BROKE HIS OWN LAW: McCain-Feingold? No, McCain, YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW. He OUGHT TO be going to PRISON. Like SO MANY OTHERS. Allow me the pleasure to quote: ”

“The FEC regulations specifically state that candidates who do not receive public funding payments from the US Treasury are exempt from the primary spending ceiling,” expounded one of his senior campaign officials. Chairman of the commission David Mason, however, warned McCain last month that his withdrawal request had not yet been granted.

(And it still hasn’t been granted!) McCain has 2 problems with this issue. 1: If the FEC allows McCain to withdraw from FED matching funds he will be revoked from many delegates in states that he was able to be on the ballot without the required number of signatures; therefore he will lose any delegates for him in those states. 2: If the FEC doesn’t release him from matching funds he will be capped at 50 million dollars and will kill his run for president because he will not have the money to compete. But it gets better: The problem is even more complicated than this. “McCain used the matching funds eligibility to avoid having to collect signatures to qualify for ballot access in several states, including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Those state wins must be voided according to most experts on the issue. That means he does not have the necessary delegates. Ironic that it was his law (McCain-Feingold) that got him in this mess. McCain broke his own law…I was one of the people that have addressed this and did so on record on the radio. You people can not wait for the FEC to rule on this. The delegates in these states need to file the motion at their conventions for McCain to be revoked of all his delegates in those states for failure to comply with election ballot state law requirements. Find out if your state allowed McCain to be on the ballot without obtaining petition signatures.” — Dr. Steve Parent”” Sooner or later, probably MUCH LATER, the GOP will discover that they must LISTEN to the people. Will this take down the GOP? It could. Its their own fault. Ten Things You Should Know About McCain But Probably Don’t. Yes, this time around, “the politics of denial ARE being struck as with a plague.” Before the Democrats GLOAT, remember, there are a LOT of traitors in your organization too! Your party and the Congress you control has been practicing denial for decades too. You’ll be NEXT.



  Diane wrote @

Please everyone, SIGN THE PETITION. We need to get McCain out of there so that a TRUE conservative (Ron Paul) can get the nomination. More wars mean more people are needed to fight the wars. Have any of McCain’s followers put 2 & 2 together to figure out that a military draft is iminent? The draft age is now up to 40! Do you folks really want to see yourselves, you kids, grandkids, etc. blown to bits because of McCain’s warmongering? Then PLEASE sign and forward this petition to EVERYONE you know. And IMO, someone needs to send it to Russ Feingold…..

  gravel kucinich paul nader wrote @

remember perot v NAFTA

gravel kucinich paul nader
+cynthia mckinney
+jesse ventura
dare speak truth
demand peace

no DNC VP clinton
no RNC NEOCON mccain
dynasty OR coronation
BaOb end self censorship


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